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Tom Raffield Seconds

2 July 2024

Find out more about what makes a Seconds product…

With sustainability at the forefront of our business, we choose not to throw away our handcrafted designs that have small defects, instead we like to offer them to our loyal customers at a discounted rate. Don't worry, these items are not used or second hand, they are just slightly imperfect. You might even be lucky enough to grab yourself a discontinued piece you had your eye on! When an item is classified as a "second" the fault or faults may be in the finish, the shape or size, small hair line cracks, or the product may be a prototype or discontinued style. The faults are not structural, each piece still functions as intended and able to provide decades of joy.

tom raffield seconds

Please note that we can’t specify what defect your seconds will have, and to what extent, nor can we match pairs or sets as items are already packed and ready to go! We can assure you that your piece will still be functional and beautiful. Showroom appointments made will not be able to view our Seconds designs. Our friendly customer service team will help as much as possible over the phone, but cannot select certain pieces/particular defects for your order.

Here are just a few examples of why a design will be a Second.

tom raffield seconds
Small defects in wooden dowels.
tom raffield seconds
Natural knots in inner ply disks.

"Over the past few years I have treated myself to several items from the Seconds offers and have always been delighted with my purchases. These pieces have always been greatly reduced in price but always in great condition with only faint blemishes on the woodwork, barely noticeable."

- Neil C.

"Super Seconds. All Tom Raffield products are beautiful, that’s not up for debate. Purchasing seconds made me a little nervous but my worries were proved unfounded and they were no different to a ‘perfect’ product in my opinion. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or purchase again."

- Sarah S.
tom raffield seconds
Slightly discoloured Walnut, and a varnish mark.
tom raffield seconds
Faint ridge in the ceramic finish.
tom raffield seconds
Discontinued design or uneven edges.

"I spotted the fault, but it makes no difference to the beauty and functionality of the product and it means that I can afford to have more Tom Raffield items in my home. Also, it’s the ultimate in recycling and not wasting anything."

- Tracy H.
tom raffield seconds
A knot in the wood causing a small dent under the shelf.
tom raffield seconds
Rough grain texture.

"I have several wonderful shades and thought I would purchase a ‘ Seconds ’. Absolutely brilliant I truly am unable to find an issue with it. Thank you team"

- Janet W.
tom raffield seconds
Mismatched grain patterns on neighbouring petals.

"Did not know what to expect when opening the box but can’t really see anything wrong with the pot apart from it being a little misshaped. Arrived quickly and very well packaged."

- Sally H.
tom raffield seconds
Natural knot in wood causing stripe.
tom raffield seconds
Misaligned and double drilled plugs.

Posted: 02.07.24
Updated: 02.07.24

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