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Christmas Gift Guide 2019

5 November 2019

Our curated collection of steam bent Christmas gifts…finished with a signature twist.

This year we’ve curated a collection of our most giftable steam bent designs. From table lights and wall lights to small versions of our bestselling pendants and Christmas decorations, we have something to please even the hardest-to-buy-for people in your life.

Radiating light in all directions, the Hanter Table Light blends an inviting ambience with a sharp design aesthetic.

Table Lights

Our diverse range of steam bent table lights are bound to bring a smile to loved ones faces this Christmas. The perfect companion for any bedside table, sideboard or desk.

Archer Table Light 

Inspired by industrial simplicity, our Archer Table Light is handcrafted from steam bent oak wood and is accented by a brass light fitting that nestles into its architectural base. A minimal interiors lovers dream...

Artus Table Light

A fine birch dowel cage contains its blown-glass bulb within. Daring yet delicate, the Artus Table Light diffracts a mesmerising pattern of shadows, dramatising any space. Particularly effective situated in a bedroom or living room space where the interplay of shadow and light create a calming, relaxed mood.

Urchin Table Light

Inspired by sand combed shells, our Urchin Table Light would make the perfect gift for someone who loves the Cornish coastline. Featuring 32 individual oak or walnut wooden petals that tautly curve to conceal the reflective bulb within, the Urchin allows pools of light to escape through its seams to create pools of brightness in the dark.

Hanter Table Light 

A taut arc of steam bent timber clings to a solitary filament bulb. Refreshing in its simplicity, surprising in its design, our Hanter Table Light always turns heads.

keel decoration
Give the gift of nature this Christmas with our Keel Christmas Decorations.


The ever-growing Tom Raffield accessories collection features original storage solutions and decorations suited to the practical gift lover in your life.

Keel Christmas Decorations

Gift the motion of seasonal Cornish swells this Christmas with a set of our wooden Keel Christmas Decorations. Perfect miniatures of our Keel Pendant, each Christmas Decoration is handcrafted by our skilled team at our studios in Cornwall.

Coat Loop

A brushstroke of steam bent timber, finishing with a flourish. Redefining a classic, our Coat Loop design gives even the most functional of furnishings flare. A hallway or bedroom essential, the Coat Loop looks great adorned with hats, scarves or even blankets and towels.


Make furniture a useful part of home decoration this Christmas. Featuring our sleek signature curves, the Taffrail is a stylish and slender storage solution purposed to any home.

Twill Coat Stand

Weaving together form and function, the Twill Coat Stand threads steam bent lengths of oak creating an intuitive place for hanging coats, towels or accessories. The perfect gift for those who have hallway pride.

Our Twill Coat Stand makes for the perfect place to drape cosy blankets that will keep you warm all winter long.
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The Skipper Pendant Small is also available in standard, large and as a floor light.
Inspired by the power and grace of the Atlantic Ocean, our Keel Pendant ebbs, flows and rolls into your home, bringing with it the motion of seasonal Cornish swells.

Ceiling Lights

A Christmas gift that truly keeps on giving. Our instantly recognisable designs promise to light up faces, spaces and the darker winter months to follow. Explore our conversation sparking, bestsellers.

Skipper Pendant Small

Our bestselling pendant in a giftable, smaller size. Choose from ash, oak or walnut wood to suit your loved-ones preference. Casting light up and out from its intricate wooden silhouette, the small Skipper produces bright light and bold, contrasting shadows.

Keel Pendant

Taking inspiration from the natural, spiralling forms that scatter our Atlantic tide lines, the Keel Pendant is a striking display of confident, modern design. It looks great in clusters or as a standalone pendant, making it the perfect gift for a lover of simple, functional design.

No.1 Pendant

Precise yet untamed. Imposing yet weightless. The No.1 Pendant was the first light we ever created, and making it remains impossible for all but a few of our team to accomplish. A special present for the admirer of the bold and beautiful.

Urchin Pendant Small

Our Urchin Lighting Range brings atmosphere and cheer in abundance. Our smallest Urchin Pendant makes for a practical, eye catching present and can easily be styled in a variety of interior spaces - from the bathroom, to bedroom.

mooring floor light
The Mooring Floor Light can be used to illuminate specific areas or create ambience in any space.
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An exposed red flex traces a proud line, base to tip.

Floor Lights

If you know someone who would love a striking, sculptural floor light to adorn their home this festive season, then look no further than the steam bent silhouettes of our Floor Lighting Range.

Mooring Floor Light with Red Flex

Finished with a festive red flex, our Mooring Floor Light showcases substance and style. Handcrafted in sustainably sourced solid oak, the Mooring's steam bent curve arches from its oak base, while its prominent flex tethers it home.

Mullion Floor Light

An iconic design classic. Our Mullion Floor Light naturally nods to Cornwall's industrial heritage, with simple striking effect.

Skipper Floor Light

Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merged. The floor light version of our bestselling Skipper Pendant would be the perfect gift for those who appreciate quality handcrafted design.

When illuminated, an abundance of golden glow diffuses from the Arame Wall Light's steam bent core - casting an aura of light that's truly transfixing.

Wall Lights

Our range of unique Tom Raffield wall lights showcase stunning, paired back designs that let the steam bending and curves do all the talking.

Neap Wall Light

Part of our new Comber Lighting Range, the Neap's elegant form carves a perfectly balanced path of light to brighten above and below. An intuitive lighting design that sweeps a soft ambient glow to far corners and suits an array of spaces.

Arame Wall Light

Put nature back in the spotlight and give a gift that will surely be remembered... opt for our Arame Wall Lights - part of our Modum Lighting Range. With steam bent petals of ash or walnut wood, when illuminated the Arame creates boundless shadows that unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation.

Cape Wall Light

Suspended in space, signature curves rise up and ebb away. Mirroring the wake of a wave, our Cape Wall Light was born where the swell rolls in. A thoughtful, practical gift for the lover of the outdoors and all things inspired by nature.

Posted: 05.11.19
Updated: 14.09.21

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