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The Journey of a Skipper Light

7 August 2020

Discover the unique components that make up our bestselling Skipper Light design, the process of how a Skipper is handcrafted by our skilled team of makers, plus the sustainability-focused processes we use.
Since its inception as nothing more than a simple sketch on a piece of paper, the Skipper Pendant has become integral to the Tom Raffield collection. Its signature curves and sculptural aesthetic has made it one of our best-selling, iconic products...
Undulating loops of timber navigate over and around, creating an open light that casts out and up, in a bright contrast of light and shadow.
The Skipper range is available in three wood types: ash, oak and walnut - handcrafted exclusively from sustainably sourced timber.
Each Skipper is made from: twenty made-to-measure lengths of wood, one laser-etched birch ply top plate, one spacer and one laser-cut support ring.
Our skilled team of makers handcraft each Skipper carefully layering piece-by-piece using an environmentally friendly 'dry' construction process to remove the need for glues. // Four screws to ensure a robust and sturdy finish.
Each Skipper is then finished with several coats of an eco-friendly water-based varnish, with a natural matt finish. This gives the wood more depth, seals the grain and brings out the rich tones and details of each piece.
Once finished being made, each Skipper Light is carefully handpacked by our logistics team using our 100% plastic -free, custom designed cardboard and bamboo packaging, then sent to its forever home to become an heirloom of the future.
Available in a range of sizes, designs and wood types, there's a Skipper to suit every space.

Undulating loops of timber navigate over and around. Where pared back design meets our signature curves, the Skipper Lighting Range leads the charge.

Posted: 07.08.20
Updated: 08.06.23

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