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Festive Kitchen Styling with deVOL Kitchens

7 December 2021

Explore deVOL's tips on sprucing up your kitchen space for Christmas...
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Founded in 1898, deVOL Kitchens design and make high quality kitchens that are crafted to be the centre of your joy-filled home for years to come. We spoke to Creative Director, Helen Parker, who has been part of the deVOL design team since 2004, about how to make your kitchen space Christmas ready, along with some sustainable festive tips!

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(Photo credit: deVOL Kitchens)
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Suiting this calming kitchen space (owned by @the.history.keeper, images via deVOL) perfectly, our Morvah Wall Hanging Planter provides a striking home for your indoor greenery.

TR: What’s your best kept secret to maintaining an orderly, tidy kitchen over the busy Christmas period?

HP: "We love big pantries, and they can be even more indispensable at Christmas as you can cram them full of food and snacks and drinks and close the doors. So for us pantries, if you've got the space, are the ultimate way to keep the kitchen neat and tidy but still have everything you need close to hand."

TR: What is your favourite kitchen activity in the run up to Christmas? Baking/ cocktail making/ dressing the table etc…

HP: "I think laying the table is the nicest part, you've done all the shopping and the baking and the wrapping and now you can be all creative and take time to make a beautiful table. You have an excuse to get out all your biggest and best crockery and glasses, you can iron your special table linen and find the prettiest of receptacles to fill with flowers and twigs and greenery."

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Our Tom Raffield Taffrial provides a sleek home and easy access for your tea towels and aprons when busy in the kitchen. Image credit owned by @the.history.keeper,  via deVOL.

TR: Do you have any tips on how to sustainably decorate a kitchen for Christmas?

HP: "Go out into the countryside or your garden and gather fallen bare branches, seed heads and evergreen leaves. Pull trails of ivy out of the undergrowth and you have all you need to make your kitchen beautiful. Natural decorations are quite simply the only way to go, they symbolise the winter and can stay up long after Christmas. Adding some vintage glass baubles from your childhood can make the displays sentimental as well as beautiful."

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(Picture credit: deVOL Kitchens)
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(Picture cerdit: deVOL Kitchens)

TR: Do you choose an annual theme for decorating your beautiful deVOL showrooms?

HR: "Its normally just an idea at the last minute, we have 12 acres of land at Cotes Mill so we can get quite creative. Our city showrooms always keep it very plain and classy with a fresh green Christmas tree and warm-toned fairy lights."

TR: How would you describe deVOL Kitchens at Christmas in three words?

HR: "Reliable, beautiful, and simple."

Posted: 07.12.21

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