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Teal Tones

5 July 2019

Redecorating this summer? Teal could be your new best friend.

Cutting our own design path is something we feel strongly about here at Tom Raffield and we tend not to get hung up on following seasonal interior design trends - especially ones that fly in and out of fashion.

But, with the colour teal here to stay we couldn't resist exploring the statement colour with our wooden aesthetic in our recent Modum Range photo shoot.

Read on to find out the styling secrets behind our photography set and some tips on how to incorporate and accessorise teal at home…

Our Urchin Table Light stands out against a backdrop of vibrant teal.


Using patterned furniture or carpets in your interior works well with teal walls. Patterns are a must-have when designing your new interior. Whilst monochrome interiors have been favoured in the design world in recent years, patterns are making a come back and are the perfect thing to add energy and activity to a room.

We chose to use a patterned rug with a geometric design and teal tones to sit with our overall colour scheme.

When dimmed, the geometric patterns created by the steam bent petals of our Arame Wall Light create interest around any space.
Arame pendant
Teal can be calm and soothing when dimly lit, but can come to life in a well lit room, creating an energetic ambience.
This patterned rug and textured blanket help build a colour scheme on our photo shoot set, creating accents and drawing the eye.


If you are happy with your current choice of colour, there is no reason why you can't use teal to add a little something to your interior, without having to redecorate entirely. A great option is to accessorise using teal. Use anything from cushions to ceramics to drop hints of teal into your interior, giving a sophisticated look.

We love bringing nature indoors and plants are a great way to accessorise and add colour to your interior. 
Our Quill 325 Pendants and Crib Console Table are styled with this wicker basket to provide earthy, natural tones. A teal ceramic bowl provides a splash of colour. 
Our Quill 550 Pendants and Merryn Floor Standing Planter stand out against a white background, with a teal chair complimenting the space. 

Colour pops and contrast

Teal is well known for being a versatile colour choice. It styles easily with other bright colours and neutrals, but also looks great when combined with shades of a similar palette. For our Modum Range photo shoot, we painted our skirting boards a darker shade of teal, which helped define the space.

Another option is to use 'colour popping' to brighten up your interior. Colour popping is the use of bright colours to create accents and draw the eye. This can be done by accessorising, or placing furniture with bright upholstery around your home. We used a pink velvet chair against a backdrop of teal for a splash of colour.

This pink velvet chair adds a fun pop of colour and sits well with our teal backdrop. 

Natural materials

Natural materials such as wood and wicker lend themselves well to a teal backdrop. Our Modum Range lights are available in oak, ash or walnut, allowing you to combine different types of wood for a great aesthetic.

During our photo shoot we also used wicker baskets to match our ash lights, which create a pleasing overall colour palette. Indoor plants and dried flowers also work well with teal, especially when styled in one of our Green Range planters.

Combinations of our Quill 550 Pendant in ash, oak and walnut look great when paired with this wooden dining table.
Our Arame Wall Light and Pendant create alluring patterns. A light pink blanket provides a pop of colour. 
Our Merryn Floor Standing Planter and Quill Pendants against a backdrop of teal. 

Posted: 05.07.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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