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Take a Seat

7 March 2019

There's nothing quite like that feet-up feeling...
Upholstered bench

Functional seating solutions with an unexpected twist. Our chair collection showcases steam bent, ergonomic design at its very best. From feature hanging seats perfect for creating an unforgettable first impression, to unique armchairs so comfortable you won’t ever want to leave them, our chair collection has something for everyone.

Here's our guide to help you find your perfect match…

A bespoke Arbor Armchair in 'Candy Pink' fabric from Moon & Sons.

The Arbor Armchair:

For the comfort seeker

An inviting curve. A victory of uncomplicated design. A single piece of sustainably sourced oak is pushed to its limits and contorted into shape by our expert workshop team. Three makers must simultaneously work together against the clock to bend and shape the timber once it's been removed from the steamer. Our Arbor Armchair is a result of exceptional skill and bold, effective design.

Upholstered with 100% wool fabric, our Arbor Armchair is the epiphany of comfort. Choose from our three standard colours (yellow, navy or grey) or browse a diverse range of shades and tones by ordering one of our colour swatch cards. You can even send us your own choice of fabric and take advantage of our bespoke fabric service... the possibilities are endless and there's an option to suit every interior.

The perfect addition to any contemporary living space, our Arbor Armchair is there for you after a long day, for that peaceful morning cup of tea and for luxurious weekend recuperation.

Our Arbor Armchair brings bespoke design and luxurious opulence to your interior.
Sustainably sourced oak is steam bent to its limits, sanded to perfection and treated with our eco-friendly natural oil blend to achieve a hard wearing finish.

The Amble Hanging Seat:

For the statement maker

With sumptuous impact comes effortless grace. Designed as a statement piece, our Amble Hanging Seat is testament to the skill, experience and ingenuity of our designers. Seemingly weightless and perfectly balanced, our Amble Hanging Seat provides gravity-defying relaxation.

The playful design of our furniture invites you to be adventurous. Our Amble Hanging Seat ignites your imagination, allowing it to run wild as you stretch out in a cradle of steam bent curves.

Whether situated indoors, *outdoors, or under a canopy, the Amble Hanging Seat exudes calmness and recreation wherever it hangs. Combine with our Dartmoor Shepherd Sheepskin or Celtic Sheepskin for added luxury.

If hanging outdoors, the Amble Hanging Seat should be kept undercover and brought inside during wet weather.

Our Amble Hanging Seat is perfectly complimented by our Dartmoor Shepherd Sheepskin.
Peace. Calm. Serenity. Our Amble Hanging Seat is the perfect place from which to relax and enjoy the world.
A Beeble Pouffe in Canary Yellow looks striking against a neutral pink backdrop and accented by our Urchin Lighting Pendants.

The Beeble Pouffe:

For those feet up moments

Versatile yet uncomplicated our Beeble Pouffe is designed to be there for you in the moments when you need it most. Our Beeble Pouffe welcomes you to shrug off the stresses of a hard day and enjoy the simple pleasure of putting your feet up.

Available in a range of colours and fabrics as part of our bespoke fabric service, you can make the Beeble Pouffe truly your own. The dynamic quality of the Beeble makes it ideal for your living room, bedroom, playroom or chill out space.

Maximise comfort. Minimise stress. Bask in contentment.

"Shaped a bit like a macaron, the Beeble Pouffe has a retro mid-century modern feel."

- Grant Gibson, Design, Craft and Architecture Writer.
The Beeble Pouffe is an essential part of any interior.

Upholstered Crib Bench:

For the posture perfectionist

Perfectly proportioned. Stylishly functional. A surprising design statement. Our seemingly unassuming Upholstered Crib Bench demands you look twice as it reveals a single twist of sustainably sourced oak. This simple yet daring design captures the Tom Raffield ethos of craftsmanship, functionality and innovative design.

Our Upholstered Crib Bench is an indispensable part of any interior. Use it as a comfortable seat in a living room, as a sociable seating alternative in a kitchen or dining room, and as a stylish piece of design in a bedroom or hallway.

As with the Arbor Armchair and Beeble Pouffe, a wide range of 100% British Wool fabrics can also be applied to the Upholstered Crib Bench. Allowing you to customise your furniture to reflect your personal style, our bespoke fabric service champions individuality and bold design ideas.

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An Upholstered Crib Bench brings style, substance and function to a multitude of spaces.
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Luxury 100% British wool adds a touch off class and comfort to the Upholstered Crib Bench.

A signature twist of sustainable solid oak transforms the unassuming Crib Bench into a bold piece of design.

Posted: 07.03.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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