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Small Space Entertaining

8 December 2021

No space is too small to eat, drink and be merry. 
Tom Raffield Skipper Pendant festive party scene

T’is the season for entertaining. A warm and welcoming atmosphere can be achieved in any sized home and hosting a gathering in a small space is a great way to flex your creative muscles. We’ve collated some of our favourite tips to embrace the feeling of togetherness at your next gathering without feeling cramped.

Tom Raffield Crib Stool
The Crib Stool can be used as either extra seating or as a low-level drinks table.

Improvise. Improvise. Improvise.

Don’t be afraid to adapt your interior for the occasion and use every inch of counter space available. All surface area counts when it comes to entertaining guests, whether you use it for extra food, or a table for their tipples. Clear any unneeded items or pieces you don’t want to be accidentally damaged and let your clever storage solutions shine.

Tom Raffield Tor Twist Shelf
Carrying your party essentials or a resting place for grab-and-go homewares, the Tor Twist Shelf provides a hook and shelf hybrid that’s perfect for smaller spaces.

Minimise your bar area with a small, carefully curated selection of drinks that can be served quickly, and cocktails that can be premade in a drink’s dispenser. This will avoid your interior being cluttered by a wide range of barely touched bottles.

TR top tip: Place your food station and bar area purposefully apart to spread out where guests will mingle throughout your home – avoiding a bottleneck of loved ones in one room.

Tom Raffield Arame Wall Light
Home is where the art is. The Arame Wall Light covers your wall with a striking display of light and shadow, whilst capturing attention with sequential patterns.

Embrace the cosiness

Creating an inviting ambience with warm light will set the tone for your home and your gathering. A compact interior means that every piece of your décor is more on show – meaning each design should be well considered. If your main ceiling light doesn't project ample task lighting, add thoughtfully placed wall lights to your space to increase light levels and brighten the overall space.

Choose high quality designs that look striking in the day when switched off, and that will become a striking conversation point when illuminated.

Tom Raffield Beeble Pouffe
Crafted with versatility in mind, the Beeble Pouffe can be an extra seat in any room when needed, made portable with its leather handle.
Tom Raffield Verso Flush Ceiling Light
The Flush Verso Ceiling Light creates a sculptural focal point in your space without taking up valuable standing height.

With a smaller space, you are allowed to bend the rules - not all seating has to be the same. If you are hosting a mostly standing party with grab and go food options, you don’t need to consider a seat for everyone. If you are holding a dinner party, embrace the “shabby chic” style and bring out a variation of seating options to add personality.

TR top tip: Think of your bedroom as a living room extension and use your bed as extra seating for guests to catch up on. 

Tom Raffield Maen Pot trio
A sleek home for three different plants, our Maen Pot Trio stands on a solid oak base. Two leather straps on each Maen Pot allow for each to be removed from the plinth for easy access and portability.

Add a homegrown touch

Impress guests with your green fingers. Not only will introducing houseplants or herbs to your interior add a bold pop of green, but the thriving plants will also provide a breath of fresh air – vital for smaller homes. Whether a table-top companion or hanging from the ceiling to maximise available table space, a well-placed planter can bring new life to your home.

TR top tip: Use organic ingredients such as home-grown rosemary, or orange peel, as a drinks garnish to distinguish who owns which drink.

Tom Raffield Morvah Planter
Our Morvah Hanging Planter is perfect for proudly displaying your trailing plants.
Tom Raffield Maen Pot and Tilner Mirror
Functional final flourishes. Take pieces you already own from around your home to create a useful, and beautiful tablescape for your party.

Finishing touches

With minimal space to store extra homewares, versatile pieces that can be used in your day-to-day life, and then transformed into décor party pieces are a great use of room in compact interiors. Whether you have a party theme, or you just want your style to shine, the final flourishes you select will tie your vision together.

To truly harmonise your home, follow the “less is more” design principle, ensuring each design you invest in either serves a purpose, or emphasises your style.

TR top tip: Enjoy yourself! Don’t spend the whole evening worrying about your guests, let yourself have fun and enjoy the moments of joy found in loved ones surrounding you. 

Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair with Sheepskin Cushion
Add a touch of texture to your interior with a luxurious Dartmoor Shepherd Closewool Sheepskin Cushion. The perfect companion to your favourite armchair.
Tom Raffield Mylor Bowl
Whether populated with a thriving houseplant or everyday essentials like keys and pens, the Mylor Bowl can be tilted to display its contents if desired.

Posted: 08.12.21

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