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Set Sail to Coastal Interiors

2 May 2024

 Bon voyage! Interiors that shine with shoreline serenity this way…

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Craving the tranquil vibes of the coast without feeling like you've stepped into a seaside souvenir shop? Look no further. Coastal chic interiors are all about capturing the essence of the shoreline in your interior design without overwhelming your space. Let's dive into some tips and tricks to infuse your home with coastal inspiration while maintaining an elegant and balanced aesthetic.

Neutral Foundation

Start with a neutral colour palette that is reminiscent of sandy shores. Think soft whites, warm beiges, and subtle greys as your base colours. These hues provide a calming backdrop that evokes the peacefulness of the coast, whilst providing a timeless base that you can build on.

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The Bue - Stem Wall Light's beautiful marriage of ceramic and wooden tones make for a timeless addition to your coastal interior. 

Embrace natural light and create airy, open spaces that reflect the breezy atmosphere of the coast. Keep window coverings minimal to maximise sunlight and promote a sense of openness. Sheer curtains or bamboo blinds are perfect for filtering light while maintaining privacy.

Anchor your Attention

Incorporate natural materials such as sustainably sourced wood, and sleek ceramics, to add texture and warmth to your space. Opt for furniture and homeware pieces with organic form and natural finishes, like our curving River Coffee Table or the artistic Shore Pendant, to evoke the rugged beauty of the shoreline. Introducing nature inspired, statement pieces sets the tone for your space, making styling the rest of the space an easy task.

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Chart your course to calm interiors with the soothing Shore Pendant. 
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Style your space with the flowing form of the River Coffee Table. 

Introduce subtle nautical accents that nod to waterside living without veering into kitsch territory. Think striped textiles, brass hardware, and curving details that evoke the timeless charm of coastal cottages. A few thoughtfully placed Beeble Pouffe upholstered in your favourite striped fabric can instantly transport you to the water's edge.

Artistry in every detail

Incorporate artwork that celebrates the sea and its surroundings. Whether you invest in serene seascape paintings, or abstract wooden wall lights, the right piece will bring your walls to life with waves of marine beauty. Utilising your wall spaces not only adds visual interest, but also serves as a focal point that ties your coastal theme together.

Finally, sprinkle in subtle coastal references that make the space personal to you and your loved ones. A scattering of collected treasures from your latest shoreline adventure adds a homely touch to your home – just be careful to be sparing and not overcrowd your space with aquatic thematic elements.

Posted: 02.05.24

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