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Meet Your Maker: Katie

15 September 2022

Meet more of our talented workshop team…
katie - lighting workshop maker
Katie proudly showing her latest craft - the Arame Pendant.

Introducing Katie, one of our hardworking lighting workshop makers. Crafting our wooden lighting designs from our Cornish workshop, Katie carefully creates designs that will illuminate homes for decades of happy memories. Let’s find out more about Katie… 

TR: How long have you worked at Tom Raffield?

KU: “I have worked at Tom Raffield for just over one year. I started as a workshop assistant, where I would prepare the sustainably sourced veneer for crafting, ensuring the maker had everything they needed. After observing and learning I progressed to become a lighting maker”.

katie - lighting workshop maker
Katie and Ash working together to create the outstanding Flock Chandelier. 
katie - lighting workshop maker
The Arame Pendant is carefully crafted to be balanced through organic pattern.

TR: What does your average day at Tom Raffield look like?

KU: “After my first cup of tea, I check the schedule with the rest of the makers to discover which designs we will craft that day. Then we jump straight in! From wonderful wall lights to our iconic pendants, my day is varied – which is what makes it so exciting. Towards the end of the day, I will quality check my previous designs after they have been sprayed with their finishing oil to ensure they are still up to the highest standard. I then send them on their way to our logistics team to be packed up ready for their new homes”.

TR: What is the best skill you have learnt from your time at Tom Raffield?

KU: “My efficiency has improved alongside my confidence to craft each sustainable design. I am consistently evaluating and improving my methods and processes to ensure each design is crafted to the highest standard, with the lowest levels of waste produced”.

katie crafting the semper pendant
Katie ensures every component of the adjustable Semper Pendant is robust.

TR: What is your favourite product or range?

KU: “The Neap Wall Light. From choosing the lengths of sustainably sourced veneer to seeing the Neap being carefully packaged, I enjoy every step of the crafting process. I love how the Neap uses a variety of tools and skills, it really allows the maker to flex their crafting muscles. The design is simple, yet elegant. I think it looks beautiful on a wall and the lighting effect it produces is really eye catching”.

TR: What do you like to do after work?

KU: “I fill my evenings with as much activity as possible. I will normally set out straight to the gym after work, or head to netball practice as I am part of Falmouth Netball Club. If the weather is on my side, I will head to the beach for a sea swim or paddle board with my friends”.

tom raffield neap wall light
The beauty of sustainably sourced wood shines through in the Neap Wall Light. 
tom raffield neap wall light
Creating coastal calm, the Neap Wall Light's shoreline inspiration provides endless beauty to interiors. 

TR: Why is sustainability important to you?

KU: “Now more than ever it is extremely important that people understand the impact they have on the planet. As designers and makers, we have the ability to encourage the use of sustainable materials and processes on to the next generation of thinkers and crafters. We must never stop talking about the importance of sustainable living – it needs to remain at the forefront of everyone's’ mind”.

TR: What are your hobbies?

KU: “I love seeing the world. Whether that is exploring the beautiful Cornish landscape on my doorstep by going for coastal walks or traveling abroad to experience a range of cultures. I want to explore as many countries as possible whilst I am able to!”


TR: What is your favourite place in Cornwall?

KU: “There is a magical moment at sunset, on Godrevy Beach that makes me feel so relaxed and renewed. Whether you are hidden amongst the dunes with a hot chocolate or dipping your toes in the sea, Godrevy is always a Cornish gem. Sometimes if you are lucky, you will spot a seal too!”

TR: What did you want to be when you were younger?

KU: “I wanted to be an Animal Conservationist. I wanted to protect territories and habitats whilst caring for the animals that lived there”.

Posted: 15.09.22

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