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Meet the Designer: Tom Raffield's Green Range Inspiration

27 July 2018

Edgware Road tube station, agave succulents and the Grand Designs home... we catch up with Tom to discuss the inspiration behind our latest product launch: The Green Range.

It's been two months since the exciting launch of our popular new Green Range planters and it's absolutely flown by. We've caught up with founder and designer, Tom Raffield, to learn more about the innovative collection, discuss what initially inspired the range and find out how he's using the steam bent planters at home.

Tom raffield
Inspired by nature. Shaped by steam. Curated by you.

The Green Range is so different to the other Tom Raffield product ranges… talk us through the inspiration?

TR: Our design ethos is 'to be inspired by nature' - that’s a pretty loose brief and can be interpreted from seeing a shape to testing a material (wood). The idea for The Green Range was to connect the inspiration and the product, to give people a flavour of nature combined with design.

Tom Raffield
Pen to paper: Tom sketching out new designs
Tom raffield
Drawing The Green Range Planters. Photography credits: @lissiwaite

Are you influenced by ‘trends’ in the design industry?

TR: We’ve always made a point of not looking to trends, we aim to design products that fall outside of fashions to improve the longevity and the lifespan - which is one of the fundamental rules of creating an environmentally sound product.

That being said, it’s hard not to to be inspired by the things around us and we have a very keen interest in architecture, especially after designing our own home to fit into a green environment. I think architects are starting to really understand the benefits of green living and biophillic working spaces...seeing buildings like Edgware Road tube station it’s hard not to be inspired!

Biophillic Design: Edgware Road Tube Station

Grand Designs House: The Raffield family home

What was the biggest challenge you faced when making The Green Range?

TR: It would definitely be exploring the synergy between steam bent wood and ceramics. Both mediums are very susceptible to changes in tolerance - for instance, every piece of wood bends in a slightly different way depending on it's grain, dryness and thickness. Steam bent wood and pottery are both handmade, natural materials so it's been quite testing at times...we’ve had to allow for the nuances of the materials.

A Merryn Planter being steam bent
Green Range ceramics
Our Green Range ceramics being handmade at Keramica, Stoke on Trent

Which plants have you chosen to fill your own Green Range planters with?

TR: We've chosen an agave plant for our Merryn Floor Planter, there’s something so strong and architectural about it’s upright arms, and a string of pearls succulent for the Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter, they are lush and green and bring a beautiful sense of life and fertility. 

Tom Raffield Green Range
The Merryn Floor Planter

Which Green Range planter is your favourite?

TR: I love the Merryn Floor Planter - the aesthetic is high impact and creates an inflated status for any plant you put in it. It’s almost like putting your plant on a throne. I do also have a soft spot for the hanging planters as I like the lightness in suspending objects, especially with a trailing plant.

Planting our Green Range ceramics
Tom raffield
String of Hearts Succulent in our Morvah Wall Hanging Planter

Watch Our Green Range Video below

Posted: 27.07.18
Updated: 16.04.21

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