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Lookbook: Verso Lighting Range

20 August 2021

Explore our latest sculptural designs to join our collection of unique, handcrafted wooden lighting...
Verso Range

An ornate marriage of balance and light, the Verso Range is a wooden work of art that welcomes a fresh perspective. Forged from the Latin word to ‘spin’, the sculptural Verso Lighting Range calls back to nature and showcases the gravity defying, swooping motion of falling leaves in the wind.

Verso Pendant, Arbor armchair, stuggy side table and mawnan planter.
The Verso Lighting Collection offers six brand new sculptural designs, showcasing the beauty found in nature’s organic, imperfect forms.
Verso Pendant
Each design is handcrafted with utmost skill and attention to detail, down to the cleverly placed offset plate, to provide balance when suspended.
Verso Pendant in bedroom setting
Looping to create eye-catching asymmetry, the Verso Pendant is cleverly crafted from one continuous length of sustainably sourced timber that soars around the warm glow of an exposed bulb to cast a beautiful blend of light and shadow.
Verso Floor Light
Igniting creativity within your space, the Verso Floor Light looks different from every angle and exhibits its varying form to add playful personality to a wide range of interiors.
Verso Floor Light details
The Verso Floor Light comes with assembled tripod legs in matching sustainably sourced oak or walnut.
Verso Floor Light
Perfect for illuminating hallways, entrance areas or your cosiest reading corner, the Verso Floor Light creates a strong glow, enhancing your task lighting where needed.

Verso Pendant walnut
Three lengths of sustainably sourced oak or walnut dance and layer to create a striking, larger ceiling pendant.
Verso Pendant, night shot displaying light and shadow
A blanket of warm light is spread across the entire interior, whilst the bold shadows projected from the Verso Pendant Large provide depth.
Verso pendant
The Verso Pendant Large delivers a show-stopping, sculptural centrepiece that will illuminate a wide range of interiors.
Verso Flush ceiling light
The Verso Flush Ceiling Light is crafted with smaller interiors in mind, providing the same sculptural beauty, without taking too much space. The Verso Flush Ceiling Light is available in sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut.
Verso flush ceiling light
A compact variation of the Verso Flush Ceiling Light, the Verso Small Flush Ceiling Light showcases the iconic Tom Raffield curves, thoughtfully crafted with compact spaces in mind.
Verso Pendant small
A striking small space alternative to the Verso Pendant, the Verso Pendant Small is available in Tom Raffield’s signature selection of sustainably sourced wood.
Verso Pendant family
Casting wonderful task lighting, the Verso Pendant Small can be displayed in multiples to create focus on a specific area or space within your home. 
Verso pendant small
Perfect for creating a warm glow or curating a personalised cluster, the Verso Pendant Small suits hallways, dining spaces or kitchens alike.
verso wall light
A work of wooden art. The sculptural form of the Verso Wall Light will soothe your space.
verso wall light
Angle the Verso Wall Light to cast light on specific features in your home...
verso wall light
Or use the Verso Wall Light to enhance the illumination in your home.
verso wall light
The innovative design can be positioned at different angles to create a focused lighting effect within your space.
tom raffield verso table light
The Verso Table Light creates soothing table top illumination with its delicate petals of sustainably sourced wood.
tom raffield verso table light
Ignite creativity in your home office with the Verso Table Light.
tom raffield verso table light
The Verso Table Light sits proudly upon your table top as a functional wooden art piece.
Verso pendants

“The Verso Lighting Range celebrates the organic beauty of nature, there's something new and different to appreciate from every angle. Wherever you are, urban or rural, it's there to discover.”

- Tom Raffield, Founder.

Posted: 20.08.21
Updated: 21.04.23

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