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Lookbook: Skipper Lighting Range

14 August 2020

Our best selling lighting collection just got a little bigger. We've welcomed three brand new designs to our Skipper Lighting Range. Let's take a look at the collection in full...
skip large pink
Undulating loops of timber navigate over and around to form our Skipper Pendant Large.
standard skip
Where pared back design meets our signature curves, the Skipper Pendant leads the charge.
standard skip shadow
Our Skipper Pendant has an open, exposed structure that casts light out and up, creating a bold contrast of light and shadow.
standard small skip
Our Small Skipper Pendants - part of our iconic Skipper Lighting Range - add just as much drama and interest to a space as their larger counterparts. 
small skipper light
Smaller pendant lights often lend themselves to being displayed in multiples, sometimes creating more 'wow factor' than a single, standalone shade. 
small skipper dark
A feat of design and a triumph of our craft, the Small Skipper Pendant is deemed iconic for a reason.
skip large white
The Skipper Pendant Large’s curvaceous silhouette casts bold shadows upon ceilings and walls, whilst the diffused light from each shade produces ambient task lighting perfectly suited to an open living space.
skip cluster
Elegantly suspended from a single matte white or black ceiling kit, a trio of our Small Skipper Pendants twirl and twist.
skip cluster
Designed to ignite your creative flair, our Cluster Lighting Range invites you to make your own mark and curate a truly unique, statement lighting piece tailored to suit your space.
big skip cluster
Handcrafted from sustainably sourced European timber and assembled using a dry construction process by our skilled team of makers, our Skipper Pendant Small - Trio Cluster showcases responsible design at its very best.

skip floor light walnut
Use the Skipper Floor Light, available in oak and walnut wood to illuminate specific areas, to layer light and create ambience in your space.
skip floor light
Skipper Floor Light: achieve impact with a lighter touch. Embrace simplicity. Make a statement in your space.
skip flush
The latest addition to our bestselling Skipper Lighting Range, our Skipper Flush Ceiling Light has the same eye-catching aesthetic as our standard Skipper Pendant, yet has been designed to suit lower ceiling heights.
skip flush
Our new Skipper Flush Ceiling Light comes in a choice of ash, oak or walnut wood to compliment you space. Need help choosing a wood type? Read our handy guide here.
Image 2 alt text goes here
The Skipper Flush Ceiling Light produces dazzling shadows and a dynamic lighting spectacle when dimmed.
Image alt text goes here
Introducing: our Skipper Small Wall Light. A unique wall light design that celebrates natural materials and handcrafted skill, the Skipper Wall Light produces a golden glow that diffuses softly around any interior and adds drama with it's bold, eye-catching shadows.

Image 1 alt text goes here
New in: our Skipper Small Flush Ceiling Light packs just as much punch as it's standard sized counterpart. Suited to smaller rooms with low ceilings, the ceiling light brings atmosphere in abundance - without any head height sacrifice.
Image 2 alt text goes here
Available in sustainable sourced ash, oak and walnut wood, the Skipper Small Flush Ceiling Light makes for a welcome addition to any home with it's unique design and decorative aesthetic.

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Undulating loops of timber navigate over and around. Where pared back design meets our signature curves, our contemporary wooden Skipper Lighting Range leads the charge.

Posted: 14.08.20
Updated: 14.09.21

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