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The Logbook: Vol. 13

29 May 2024

In our latest Logbook, we share our design innovations over the last few months from our workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall. Our timeless and versatile designs will continue to support an ever-changing home space, keeping you inspired as we journey together.

Welcome to the Logbook

As the wildflowers start to blossom across the beautiful Cornish landscapes, and sunbeams begin to burst through the clouds, we anticipate a delightful Summer ahead. Our homes transform from a sanctuary where we seek solace after damp days, to a space that warmly embraces us after adventures and where we enjoy the extra sunlight. With al fresco dinners, and sun-soaked memories just around the corner, we eagerly anticipate the joy Summer will provide.



Use light to single out. To draw together. To create sanctuary. Spring is in full bloom, brightening our homes and filling our space with life. Our newly refreshed Stem lighting designs add artistic beauty to any space.

Stem Lighting Range

A branch of steam bent timber bows its head. From base to tip, the Stem design blends nature with elegance to put the lustre in illumination. Available with a selection of our iconic shades.

tom raffield new stem lighting range
tom raffield new stem lighting range

Mooring Lighting Range

Juxtaposing traditional techniques with an industrial aesthetic, here function becomes feature. From its signature curve to its filament bulb, the Mooring Lighting Range is refreshing in its simplicity, and surprising in its design.

Mooring Lighting Range


The Mooring Lighting Range is also available in black ebonised oak.

Image 1 alt text goes here
Image 2 alt text goes here

A portable table lamp that celebrates natural materials and handcrafted skill, the wireless table light is created from twelve individual, sustainably sourced ash, oak, or walnut wood petals and designed to produce golden light upwards and outwards.

Dimmable with a touch of a button, the conveniently cordless and rechargeable table light is perfect for adding an abundance of personality to hallways, living spaces and home offices.


Perfect proportions and clarity of purpose, elevated with an unexpected twist. Steam bent solid oak struts transform our seemingly unassuming Crib Furniture Range into a serious design statement.


Set the Mood. Whether adorning a living room, bedroom, or dining area, our black Noctis pieces pieces cast a spell of enchantment, swathing the surroundings in a soft, atmospheric glow.

Create Contrast. This is key – and luckily the Noctis Range excels in its ability to create visual interest. Pairing these dark, dramatic pieces with lighter elements such as crisp white walls or natural wooden homeware can result in stunning chemistry.

noctis loer chandelier

The Art of Simplicity. Minimalism is not just a design choice; it’s a lifestyle that celebrates each piece you own. By focusing on clean lines, understated elegance, and a restrained colour palette, you can create a space that feels both calming and curated – no matter the size.

Five Star Favourites

Urchin Pendant. “The Urchin Pendant was even more beautiful than expected and perfectly matched our living room furniture. The craftsmanship is exceptional. Cannot recommend highly enough.” – Paul W.

Skipper Table Light. “We have a large skipper light in our hall which has been commented on by many so when we saw the new Skipper Table Light, we couldn’t resist. It’s absolutely beautiful. It casts a fabulous light around the room with stunning shadows spreading out. Beautifully made and so distinctive.” – Alison P.

skipper table light

Verso Pendant Small. "The exquisite, fluid undulations of this work of art takes the beauty of the Verso Pendant Small to another level. I’m addicted.” – Jackie C.

Skipper Pendant. “The Skipper Pendants we bought are now hanging in our new flat and it’s as if they have always been there. The natural wood picks up the natural finish on the kitchen units and ties it all in very nicely. Couldn’t be more pleased!” - Carol C.

Image 1 alt text goes here
Image 2 alt text goes here

Arbor Armchair. “I chose the Arbour Armchair in Seagrass to sit next to my books - my little reading corner. It’s perfect and the sweeping curves are simply gorgeous. So well made too!” – Carol M.

tom raffield logbook

Nokori Mirror. Mirrors make a room feel bigger, brighter and more airy - all essential qualities of a fun and playful child-friendly space.

Urchin Table Light. Bright enough for focused tasks but ambient enough to produce a soothing, nighttime glow that’s suitable for bedtime stories.

Housel Shelf Small. Timeless designs that are not trend focused can be accessorised with their favourite possessions over a long period of time.

Arbor Armchair. From nursery and playroom to bedroom and teen hang out. Investing in superior quality pieces for your child’s bedroom is key to creating a sustainable space for them to thrive in.

A Brighter Future

At Tom Raffield, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our way of life. Our passion for creating a positive impact is our driving force, so we are constantly finding new ways to tread lightly on our planet.

Every piece we create is a labour of love, with a big emphasis on using wood responsibly – even the tiniest offcuts find new life in our projects. When you invite our designs into your home, you’re not just adding a touch of timeless elegance – you’re joining us on a journey towards a brighter, greener future.

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Butterfly Effect

A canopy of timber arcs in swooping curves. Beating wings in full flight. Our Butterfly Lighting Range balances beauty and energy to striking effect…

On the go...

Our homes deserve furnishings that not only complement the space but also adapt to its ever-changing demands.

tom raffield candles

Awaken your senses

Settling down after a Spring clean with a cup of your favourite tea, sunbeams peeking through the clouds, and a scented candle lit, is a dreamy way to spend an afternoon. Our range of sustainable, luxury candles will provide a clean, even burn for a long-lasting, enchanting fragrance.

Wild Gorse Scented Candle. Experience the essence of Cornish gorse blossoms, with a hint of creamy coconut and sweet vanilla with the Wild Gorse scent.

Embers Scented Candle. The Embers candle is reminiscent of roaring campfires with a blend of cedar wood, musk, and a touch of spicy cinnamon.

Moss Scented Candle. The Moss scented candle invokes the essence of woodland moss with a blend of fresh, crisp greens and woody notes.

Logbook Vol. 13

Boasting warm, inviting tones, wooden lighting designs are great for cultivating a space that is cosy, and full of character. Our sustainable designs offer a beautiful spectrum of natural variation of tone and grain – suiting an array of interior styles.

The Design is in the details

Kesu Shelving Range. The Kesu Shelving Range features a cleverly angled bracket to enable seamless stacking, for a harmonious wooden wall display.

kesu range

Mylor Bowl. The Mylor Bowl can be tilted upon its wooden plinth to proudly display its contents.

Semper Pendant. The Semper Pendant’s adjustable wooden rings allow you to guide beams of light, exactly where you need it.

mylor bowl
semper pendant

Rosella Table Mirror. The Rosella Table Mirror can be tilted within it’s wooden frame to perfectly suit your needs.

rosella mirror

Harmonious Hallways

Hallways are the heart and soul of the home. Transporting you from room to room, boasting a welcoming personality. It is vital hallways are thoughtfully decorated – characterful without looking cluttered, well illuminated without being too harshly lit. Here are five designs that help provide the perfect balance…


Sleek ceramic and wooden hues work effortlessly together in our Kera Lighting Range - contrasting clean, sculptural lines with raw, natural materials that intrigue your sense of touch.

Ten with Tom: Marianna Popejoy

Next up in our Ten with Tom series, we spoke to biophilic expert Marianna Popejoy...

With her first book, At Home with Nature, hot off the press, Marianna Popejoy is becoming an expert in biophilic design. We spoke to Marianna about all things green – from sustainability, to how to choose the perfect plant…

TR: We love your enthusiasm for biophilic design – how did the passion start?

MP: “I stumbled across the word ‘biophilia’ about eight years ago, in a somewhat haphazard way, after being asked by various journalists if they could feature our home as they felt that it was a great example of biophilic design. The more I learned about the concept, the more I recognised how many of the core principles of biophilia we had incorporated into the design of our home without even realising it.”

TR: What is your favourite Tom Raffield design?

MP: “That is a really tough one to answer. I’m going to go with one of the planters because they were the first products that I discovered, making me aware of Tom Raffield’s work. I absolutely adore the Merryn Floor Standing Planters - they are a work of art in themselves. The bends and twists in the oak are very reminiscent of reeds and leaves found in nature and, quite honestly, even without a plant displayed in them, they are a thing of beauty that I could happily sit and gaze at while taking a much-needed visual respite from a mundane task.”



Bespoke beauty. Did you know you can request a bespoke fabric for our upholstered furniture range? Allowing you to match your own colour palette with our iconic curved designs.

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Updated: 03.06.24

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