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The Logbook: Vol. 1

16 October 2019

This is the first edition of our Logbook – a quarterly issue dedicated to exploring the world of Tom Raffield. This issue includes a showcase of our latest collections, an interview with biophilic design expert Oliver Heath, and our very own workshop lighting team.

modem range wall

Welcome to Tom Raffield, we look beyond the limits of possibility, to design and make handcrafted contemporary lighting, furniture and bespoke projects. Our signature curved aesthetic transforms wood using our unique method of steam bending and innovative design process.

Welcome to the Spring Logbook.

The Green Range


The Full Green Range

Our exclusive range of innovative, steam bent indoor planters celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature. From Ceiling to Wall and Floor Standing designs, there’s something to suit every space.

Merrny floor planter
The Merryn Floor Planter is created with sixteen elliptical blades of twisting steam bent oak stand shoulder to shoulder in striking spherical conduct to support a nestled, handmade earthenware bowl.
Mawnan planter
Multifunctional and portable by design, the Mawnan Planter can be situated in a table-top position or hung by its braided rope to display trailing indoor houseplants."
Morvah planter
The Morvah Wall Hanging Planter is made up of a steam bent piece of solid oak loops around and embraces a hand-glazed earthenware bowl creating a unique, wall hanging planter.

Force of Nature

Garden Stand at the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We're heading back to Chelsea Flower Show’s Main Avenue in May with a unique steam bent exhibition space focused on well-being, biophilic design and zero waste to celebrate the launch of a bespoke new collection.

Sketch chealsea flower show

The striking courtyard space showcases our groundbreaking new design process which combines our traditional steam bending technique with complex parametric modelling to create the eye-catching, biomorphic architecture and planters. These functional pieces of art sit amongst the planting, simulating the natural features and enriching the sensory experience.

Chelsea flower show
Chelsea flower show

The stand boasts planting designed and implemented by the winner of a collaborative graduate competition hosted with London College of Garden Design and in affiliation with the multi-award-winning designer, Tom Massey. Our therapeutic green space aims to remind people of the positive impact biophilic design can have on modern lives.

“We set out to create a space which people respond to instinctively and feel at home in. With a focus on movement, natural materials and organic forms, we wanted to explore the power nature can have on modern lives by improving the spaces we live and work in."

Tom Raffield, Founder
Spring favourites

Our spring favourites

From Scandinavian-inspired ash pendant lighting to ergonomically designed armchairs in Spring-fresh pastel hues, the Tom Raffield range boasts an array of functional pieces guaranteed to transform any interior.

Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merged. In the Skipper Pendant, sustainable ash, oak or walnut is hand-shaped to create an open light that casts out and up, in a bright, bold contrast of light and shadow.

Hanter light
A taut arc of steam bent timber clings to a solitary filament bulb. Refreshing in its simplicity, surprising in its design, our Hanter Table Light turns heads.
Arbor armchair
Our Arbor Armchair invites you to take a moment for yourself, and feel the expert craftsmanship beneath your fingers. Demanding the concentration of three skilled makers, solid Pyrénéen oak yields with breathtaking results.

What is biophilic design and why should we be incorporating it into our interiors? We caught up with friend and biophilic design expert, Oliver Heath to learn more.

TR: Why is it important to surround yourself with nature and plants?

OH: The benefits of surrounding ourselves with nature are numerous; aiding relaxation, decreasing stress and even recuperating our physical and mental ability. Delivering spaces that keep this connection to nature in mind, means people work better, live better and feel better.

TR: What are your top tips for selecting and placing plants?

OH: The first thing I would suggest is diversity. Introducing a variety of different plants gives a visual resilience to a space – immediately suggesting to the viewer that if a plant can survive here, humans can too. I would also recommend displaying different heights - this gives a greater sense of lushness and richness.


Oliver heath

TR: There’s a preconceived conception that Biophilic Design is all about plants. What if you don’t have a space that can support plant life?

OH: So many spaces that we find ourselves in don’t have a direct connection to nature; be that good natural light, views out onto trees or plants, fresh air or views onto water. Thankfully there is plenty of evidence to suggest that artificial elements representing, or mimicking nature can be hugely beneficial in reducing stress. Think natural shapes (known as biomorphic forms) that remind us of nature such as flowers, or trees. Or the use of natural materials, textures and colours can help create more natural feeling spaces.

Oliver heath

TR: What are the Oliver Heath team looking forward to for 2019?

OH: Amongst other exciting project work, what we’re most looking forward to for the year ahead is our work with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) - an exciting three year design project that will be a world first! Together with BRE, we’ll be investigating and demonstrating the amazing benefits of Biophilic Design in the workplace.

modem range cover

Taking inspiration from the organic shapes, movements and sequential patterns that surround us, The Modum Range invites you to put nature back in the spotlight.

Choose from pendant or wall lights that celebrate nature’s most intricate formations and showcase complex, geometric shapes.

Arame wall
A surge of optical energy; a silhouette of sustainable craftsmanship. Switched on or off, boundless shadows unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation creating an extraordinary spectacle in your space.
Arame pendant cluster
Switched on, each Arame Pendant produces an energising aura of soft ambient light. Switched off, the pendants become structural, architectural pieces of art that elevate your space and captivate any audience.

Best-selling designs include the Arame Wall Light whose steam bent silhouette promises to create boundless, unfurling shadows that pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation.

Noctic no 1 giant pendant

The Noctis Range

Bold, ebonised design and our sought-after wooden aesthetic, merged. With confidence in its definitive silhouettes, The Noctis Range showcases a new focus and brings daring, darker depths to interiors.

Our iconic No.1 Pendant gets an innovative update. Handcrafted into the most intricate of sculptural spheres, the Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant strikes a balance of timeless grace and ebonised, architectural design in every twist and turn.

Noctis kern pendant
The Kern Penant's minimalist, steam bent shape takes on a sleek new identity. Demanding precision, strength and craftsmanship to achieve its smooth circumference, the result is modern, architectural, powerful.
wheal wall light
An arching curve of steam bent, ebonised oak towers up from a sleek brass base plate. The Noctis Wheal Wall Light is an alluring contrast of deep black and lustrous, polished metal. Modern. Refined. Enticing.
Mizzi studios

Tom Raffield x Mizzi Studio x Colicci

Designed by London-based architect and design practice Mizzi Studio, and handcrafted by the Tom Raffield team for artisan coffee brand Colicci, a family of steam bent kiosks will be replacing eight aging structures across London’s Royal Parks.

Locations include Hyde Park Corner, St James’s Park and Green Park...let us know what you think next time you visit.

Coffee kiosk
Coffee kiosk

A feat of design and a triumph of our craft, this collection is deemed iconic for a reason.

Precise yet untamed. Imposing yet weightless. The No.1 Pendant was the first light we ever created and making it remains impossible for all but a few of our team to accomplish.

With its curling, coiling and curving aesthetic, the No.1 Pendant is suited to a multitude of spaces. Creating a balance of timeless grace and directional design in every twist and turn, the No.1 Pendant is a conversation starting statement piece that is sure to be remembered.

Scarlet hotel

Tom Raffield at The Scarlet

We recently installed a collection of our Noctis Giant Flock Chandeliers and No.1 Giant Pendants at the Scarlet Hotel in Newquay, Cornwall - UK.

Chosen for their monochrome, sleek aesthetic and iconic steam bent curves, both lighting fixtures compliment the opulent interior design of the Scarlet Hotel.

The scarlet inteiror
Steam bent curlicues of ebonised tulip wood and twists of opulent, golden brass circle together.
The scarlet interior 2
Handcrafted into the most intricate of sculptural spheres, the Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant strikes a balance of timeless grace and ebonised, architectural design in every twist and turn.

Suspended in sequence allowing their brass curlicues to catch the light, the Noctis Chandeliers yield a luxurious, ambient light and marry seamlessly with the statement, ebonised No.1 Pendants.

A day in the life

A day in the life

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