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Lighting Art Forms: Form and Function

5 June 2020

Each of our designs are hand-shaped using sustainable wood and created as sculptural pieces of art using a pioneering form of steam bending. Here's a round up of our decorative yet functional lighting designs that look just as good with the lights turned on as off...

Statement lighting designs come in all shapes and sizes and should be both decorative and functional in the home. Handcrafted by our skilled team of makers from sustainably sourced wood, our diverse steam bent lighting range is inspired by sculptural, organic structures found in nature, yet the light and shadow do all the talking. 

Let's take a closer look at some of our most intricate, creative designs and the eye-catching lighting effects they create switched both on and off.

When illuminated, an abundance of golden glow diffuses from the Arame Pendant’s steam bent core - casting an aura of light that's truly transfixing.

Intricate form

Mimicking the form of organic shapes and sequential patterns that are found in the natural world, our Modum Lighting Range aims to put nature back in the spotlight. Showcasing some of our most complex and intricate geometric forms to date, our Arame pendants and wall lights produce striking shadows when illuminated and create art from their shadows.

Designed to allow light to bounce off its internal steam bent structure, (made up of between twelve and twenty undulating steam bent wooden petals, dependent on their size) the Arame creates a kaleidoscopic effect when switched on, and looks equally enigmatic when off. 

Well suited to open plan living spaces or low ceiling height rooms, the Arame Pendant and Arame Pendant Small create extraordinary spectacles, whilst our Arame Wall Light produces an unforgettable shadow show.

Our Small Arame Pendant's are well suited to low ceiling spaces and look great displayed in pairs for maximum impact.

Scatter light. Excite space. Make art from shadow. The Modum Lighting Range - celebrating nature's organic shapes.

"The Modum Range symbolises the reconnection we, as humans, seek with nature. Each light draws inspiration from nature’s most intricate forms, and transforms them into handcrafted, innovative lighting solutions designed to suit any space"

- Founder, Tom Raffield.
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Our Arame Pendant produces spectacular shadows which dance off ceilings and walls to create a mesmerising effect. With a soft ambience and warm glowing light, the Arame is well suited to living spaces and bedrooms.
Casting shadows that seamlessly float and settle in buoyant tranquillity, the Drift Pendant creates a light show that disperses softly; rippling, cresting and breaking around the room, then pooling in tidal calm.

Definitive Shape

Born in the barrel of a waking wave, our Comber Lighting Range is shaped by the reverberating tides that lap the Cornish coastline. With six swells of sustainable, steam bent oak or walnut wood, the petals of the Drift Pendant rise up and flow in undulating grace producing softly dispersing shadow and lighting effects around a room.

Inspired by the spiralling shell-like forms that scatter our Atlantic tide lines, the Keel Pendant is also a striking display of confident, modern design. A true balance of form and function and distinctive by its unique conical shape, the Keel Pendant is equally as impressive switched on or off. 

Handcrafted from a singular piece of oak or walnut timber, arched by hand into choreographed formation, the natural grain of each pendant is unique and eye-catching. Featuring flowing curves and a compact bend, each Keel produces a defined funnel of down lighting when illuminated, creating the perfect task lighting for dining or living room areas. 

Our Keel Pendant, part of our Comber Lighting Range, is simple but intriguing and particularly effective suspended in clusters.
Steamed in one isolated section, a wide piece of oak or walnut timber is arched by hand into choreographed formation and held with three brass rivets.
skipper small
Achieve impact with a lighter touch, make a statement in your space with our Skipper Lighting Range.

Compact size

It's easy to think a statement, decorative light has to be a large scale centrepiece that's simply unmissable in a room, but smaller lighting designs can pack equally as much punch and look well considered.

Our Small Skipper Pendants - part of our iconic Skipper Lighting Range - add just as much drama and interest to a space as their larger counterparts. In fact, smaller shades actually lend themselves to being displayed in multiples which can sometimes create more 'wow factor' than a standalone shade. 

Casting light up and out from its intricate wooden silhouette, the Skipper produces bright light and bold, contrasting shadows. A bestseller for good reason.

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Handcrafted from sustainably sourced European timber and assembled using a dry construction process by our skilled team of makers, the Skipper Pendant showcases responsible design at its very best.
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Elegantly suspended from a single matte white or black ceiling kit, a trio of our best-selling Skipper Pendants are hung in harmony.
Casting a subtle, warm glow alongside lively shadows — the Butterfly Pendant creates an atmosphere that's truly captivating.

Sculptural quality

Designed to showcase the beauty of natural materials and celebrate our unique steam bending process, our handcrafted lights are aesthetically considered start to finish. 

Our Butterfly Lighting Range balances beauty, energy and practicality to striking effect. Reminiscent of a butterfly in full flight, our ash, oak and walnut wood Butterfly Pendants have a distinctive, sculptural quality that lend themselves to open plan, modern settings.

Equally, our No.1 Pendants, with their nests of infinite twirling bends, have a sculpted aesthetic that look striking when illuminated. A balance of timeless grace and directional design in every twist and turn, the No.1 Pendant was the first light we ever created, and making it remains impossible for all but a few of our team to accomplish.

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Curling, coiling, curving metres of steam bent timber endlessly weave to envelop the No.1 Pendant Light.
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A feat of design and a triumph of our craft, the No.1 Lighting Range is deemed iconic for a reason.


Posted: 05.06.20
Updated: 16.04.21

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