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Hallway Lighting Ideas

8 February 2018

Whether you are looking for functional task lighting or a statement piece to make a great first impression, our diverse Tom Raffield wall, table and ceiling lighting ranges have something to suit every hallway.
Tom raffield hanter Wall Lights

The first thing you see when you arrive home at night, the last when you leave in the morning…much more than just a corridor that leads to a separate space, the hallway of any home is an important, undervalued space.

Finding the right lighting for a hallway can be difficult, especially if you are working with a low ceiling height, small or narrow space. Whether you are looking for functional task lighting or a statement piece to make a great first impression, the diverse Tom Raffield Wall, Table and Ceiling Lighting Ranges have something to suit every hallway.

Tom raffield Urchin Wall Light
Urchin Wall Light in Oak

Wall Lights

Great for highlighting interior features and filling compact or narrow hallways with light.

Often an afterthought, wall lighting doesn’t have to be purely practical. Choose a design that will emanate a good amount of light to illuminate your space whilst still adding emphasis to your décor.

If size is an issue you may want to opt for a wall light that will sit flush against your wall and create up light and downlight in equal measure - such as our Eddy Wall Light or Urchin Wall Light.

With 17 taut curves of ash, oak or walnut wood the Urchin Wall Light is fused together with a laser cut birch plate, its petals carefully manipulated to conceal the bulb. Light escapes through the seams, creating pools of brightness in the dark.

If you are looking for a more traditional aesthetic to suit an older property, or you just want to add something different to a modern space, our Stem and Hanter Wall Lights combine simplicity and functionality.

Radiating light in all directions, the Hanter blends an inviting ambience with a sharp design aesthetic. Soft and inviting, these wall lights look fantastic paired together to create real impact.

Giant Flock Chandelier
Giant Flock Chandelier
Giant Flock Chandelier
Ash, Oak and Walnut Flock Components


Designed to suit double height spaces, atriums and stairways.

Make an entrance with our Giant Flock Chandelier

Evoking a murmuration of starlings sweeping across the sky, our Giant Flock is a statement chandelier unlike any other and is guaranteed to add a wow-factor to wherever its situated. One hundred and twenty steam bent shapes of sustainable ash, oak and walnut soar together suspended from an oak ceiling plate and accompany three filament bulbs to illuminate and provide mesmerising shadow.

The Giant Flock Chandelier can be customised between 1500mm - 2500mm from the ceiling to lowest point to suit a range of interior spaces. See our product spec sheet for more details.

Hanter Table Light
Light your way with the boundless glow of the Hanter Table Light.

Table Lights

Perfect for distributing an even balance of light around the home and creating a warm ambience in restricted spaces.

Table Lighting is a good way to illuminate a hallway without having to consider larger pendant lights that may encroach on your interior. Whilst producing a good level of task lighting, table lights help to create a cosy atmosphere – the perfect welcome home.

Opt for a console table with smaller proportions such as our Crib Console Table and pair with an eye-catching table light to create an interesting aesthetic and optimise all available space.

Hallway console tables are also a great place to store those last-minute essentials when you are rushing out the door! We especially like the contrast of our steam bent oak Crib Console Table and brass-plated Wheal Table Lightwhat do you think?

Cape pendant
Cape Pendant in Ash

Pendant Lights

Perfect for high ceilings, dark hallways or stairways where you can afford to make a statement but also need practical, bright illumination.

Pendant lights are perhaps the most versatile form of lighting you can add to a space. Pendants look great in a range of interiors but really come into their own when installed in an area in need of functional yet eye catching design.

Opt for a pendant where you can see the exposed lightbulb from underneath to yield a high lumen output and create excellent downlighting. We especially love how the Cape Pendant gathers light in its folds and casts shadow to creating focus and atmosphere. The sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood loops in layers to compliment, emphasise or elevate the space the pendant claims.

If you are after a real show-stopping piece to illuminate a hallway that has plentiful space our No.1 XL Pendants and Giant Butterfly Pendants really pack a punch.


Posted: 08.02.18
Updated: 03.04.24

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