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Get greenery ready!

2 March 2023

Spring-fresh tips for your thriving jungle…
tom raffield mantol planter

With sunnier seasons just around the corner, now is the time to gather your tools and prep your home for your new, exciting growths. Get your home ready for plants to bloom this season with our easy tips. Read on for some simple tasks to tick off now to make spring a blooming delight!

tom raffield maen pot trio
Holding three of your favourite herbs in easy reach, the Maen Pot Trio is a convenient addition to kitchens.

Sort your seeds

Go through seeds to ensure there are no bugs, and that they are in date. An old, empty photo album is great way to keep your seeds organised. You can also start collecting and buying seeds now – if you are planting in early March, you can start collecting seeds that require that bit of extra time, such as: cabbages, kale, broccoli, peas, onions, and leeks. From egg trays, fruit punnets and toilet roll tubes, there are plenty sustainable ways you are able to start sprouting from your windowsill or greenhouse.

tom raffield maya planter
Bring out the best of inside with a wall grown selection of tasty greenery in the Maya Wall Planter.

Houseplant M.O.T.

Evaluate what you have. If you have any houseplants that have struggled in the winter, leaving them irredeemable, they can still be useful as compost. Make sure any plants you relocated for the winter will still thrive in the sunnier months in their new spot. Prepare yourself for a thriving Spring by pruning back any plants that can handle it, and starting any propagation now. This will result in a lovely selection of greenery by the end of summer.

tom raffield morvah planter
Add a little of nature's beauty to your home with our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter.
tom raffield
Getting stuck in - growing your own forest fantasy is the perfect hobby for sunny evenings.

Venture Outside

To create an outdoor garden paradise – preparation is key. Clean and sharpen any gardening tools, wash out your greenhouse and remove any winter pests. This is also a good time to paint or repair any fences or garden furniture, so you can truly let every inch of your garden shine. Do not be afraid to give your outdoor fruit trees a good prune, whilst it may be daunting trimming off a good chunk of your tree, it will be worth it in the summer months – trust us!

tom raffield

Start to sow

Some plants need a bit extra time to produce their abundance so must be sown sooner rather than later. Whether you are starting an indoor jungle or garden paradise, March is the perfect month to begin your journey. From new gardeners to those with well-established green fingers, cultivating your own wealth of greenery is a skill to be proud of, with the potential to save you money in the supermarket. Through trial and error, you will learn which plants thrive best in your space and lighting conditions – so perseverance is key!

tom raffield green range

The Green Range

From wall, floor, to table-top planters our handcrafted range of planters allow you to enjoy nature's beauty every day!

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