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Flush Ceiling Lighting Guide

13 May 2021

Can't decide which Flush Ceiling Light is right for your space? Our latest guide will help you find the perfect design...

Cage flush ceiling light

Choosing the right ceiling light for your home can be a daunting task, especially when space is at a premium. That's why we've written a guide to make deciding on a flush ceiling light for your home a little easier. With lower ceilings and smaller interiors at the forefront of their versatile designs, our flush ceiling light range allow you to display iconic pieces without taking up too much space. 

Why choose a flush ceiling light?

Our flush ceiling light fittings don't use fabric flex, meaning you don't have to worry about shortening or adjusting any overhead flex to accommodate a low ceiling height. Each flush light comes in the same satin nickel finish as our standard pendant kit, so you can achieve the full Tom Raffield aesthetic and even match to any kits from us you may have previously installed. 

Skipper flush ceiling
Brighten up your interior with the pared back design of the Skipper Flush Ceiling Light.

Skipper Flush Ceiling Light

Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merged. Loops of sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut layer amongst themselves to create the Skipper Flush Ceiling Light. Hand shaped by our skilled workshop, this shade is a real showstopper that produces a bold contrast of light and shadow that illuminates space and creates a comforting atmosphere.

Placement: Perfect in spaces that already has satisfactory task lighting but is in need of a bold shade that will create a glow across the whole room.

Availability: The Skipper Flush Ceiling Light is available in a smaller size. Both can be handcrafted with sustainable ash, oak or walnut.


Arame Flush Ceiling Light

Taking inspiration from organic shapes and patterns the Arame Small Flush Ceiling Light is a kaleidoscope of wonder. The twelve handcrafted ash or walnut petals of the Arame Small Flush Ceiling Light will enthral and excite.

Arame flush
Get lost in the unique shapes produced by the Arame Small Flush Ceiling Light.

The Arame's shallow silhouette allows organic shadows and light to be projected onto the ceiling, creating a harmonious celebration of shape, movement and the patterns of nature.

Placement: Best suited to open plan spaces or bedrooms that will be enhanced by the mesmerizing glow. The Arame Small Flush Ceiling Light looks great in any room, switched on or off.

Availability: The Arame Small Flush Ceiling Light can be handcrafted with sustainable ash or walnut.

Cage Flush Ceiling Light

Playing with perspective the Cage Flush Ceiling Light yields striking beauty and personality in equal measure. Carefully handcrafted from sustainably sourced steam bent ash and birch timber, the Cage Flush Ceiling Light is the perfect balance of delicate strength.

GIF cage flush ceiling light
The striking beauty of the Cage Flush Ceiling Light adds drama to any interior.

Bursting with light and energy the Cage Flush Ceiling Light is a great way to add atmosphere and drama to your room. Structured beams of light flow out of the structured frame and fan effortlessly across the space.

Placement: Best suited to rooms that call out for some depth and personality.

Availability: The Cage Flush Ceiling Light is handcrafted with sustainable birch and ash. 

Urchin Flush Ceiling Light

Inspired by shells found scattering the shorelines of Cornish beaches, the Urchin Flush Ceiling Light brings a fun aesthetic to any room. With 32 slender sections of sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut arched beautifully around laser cut birch plates, the Urchin Flush Ceiling Light will stand out in any interior. 

urchin flush
Perfectly situated alone or in clusters, the Urchin Flush Ceiling Light brings atmosphere in abundance.
Flush urchin
Bring a delicate illumination to your interior with the Urchin Flush Ceiling Light.

Soften your space with the gentle glow that flows out of the Urchin Flush Ceiling Light. Pools of light pour from every arch adding emphasis that calls back to the ocean.

Placement: Perfect for compact interiors that require directional task lighting, as well as providing a gentle radiance to the whole space.

Availability: The Urchin Flush Ceiling Light is available in a smaller sizeBoth can be handcrafted with sustainable ash, oak or walnut.

Cape Flush Ceiling Light

Waves of sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut flow seamlessly together to create the Cape Flush Ceiling Light. Inspired by the wake of a wave, the Cape creates focus and atmosphere. Refine your concept of coastal.

Yielding layers of gentle beams and shadows, pools of light will spill into every corner of your space creating depth and atmosphere.

Cape flush
Allow your space to be inspired by the coast with the Cape Flush Ceiling Light.

Placement: Best suited to rooms that are in need of some subtle directional light whilst still gently illuminating the space.

Availability: The Cape Flush Ceiling Light is handcrafted with sustainable ash, oak or walnut.

Drift flush ceiling
Float away in the Drift Flush Ceiling Light's warm pools of light.

Drift Flush Ceiling Light

Get lost in the seemingly endless waves of the Drift Flush Ceiling Light. Inspired by the power and grace of the Atlantic Ocean, the Drift Flush Ceiling Light is a true masterpiece that will draw attention in any room.

Handcrafted from sustainably sourced oak or walnut, the timber swells of the Drift Flush Ceiling Light arch to reveal light and shadow - creating a tranquil ambience reminiscent of tidal calm.

Placement: Best suited to rooms where a centrepiece that brings some much-needed tranquillity is required.

Availability: The Drift Flush Ceiling Light is handcrafted with sustainable oak or walnut.

Flush drift
Drift flush


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