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How to: Create a festive hanging planter

15 November 2018

Why just decorate your Christmas tree when you could add beautiful, seasonal greenery to every room of your home?

Festive indoor planters are a brilliant way to decorate your home and dispel the winter dullness. We've switched out our trailing succulents and houseplants that usually occupy our planters and opted for fresh, autumnal greenery, pine cones and some glittering fairy lights to bring the outdoors inside.

Here's how to revamp your indoor hanging planters with some seasonal foliage to get into the festive spirit.


You will need:

A hanging planter – we’ve used our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter, part of The Green Range.


Potting soil


Foliage - such as bay, holly, variegated holly, eucalyptus, leylandii, branches of fir tree, mistletoe.

Pine cones

Copper lights


*A note on foraging*

Pick foliage from your own garden or, seek permission from the landowner prior to taking greenery from hedgerows.

Only select foliage from plentiful sources and avoid using rare or poisonous species.

Only take what you need and be sparing.

morvah being planted

How to…

1. Start by filling your hanging planter with soil. Aim to fill the ceramic bowl three-quarters of the way to the top, but be sure to leave an inch between the soil surface and the top of the container (this will ensure that the planter doesn’t overflow every time you water it).

2. Add in stems of foliage making sure they are pushed securely into the planter. We started with a fir tree cutting and then added, leylandii, holly, eucalyptus and sprigs of bay tree.

3. Arrange the foliage to your desired effect. We’ve positioned some bright red holly berries towards the front of our bowl so they are visible when the planter is hanging.

green range
green range

4. Weave in some pine cones amongst the foliage for a festive touch.

5. Now spritz the foliage with a misting of water to keep it hydrated. You will want to repeat this every other day to keep the display looking fresh.

green range

6. Next, add some dainty copper lights to the planter (we’ve used battery operated lights for ease, but you could also use solar powered, or a plug-in version).

Find the perfect place to hang your festive-themed indoor planter.

Why not try…

Create a planter using festive favourites such as poinsettia, cyclamen, dried hydrangeas or even a Christmas cactus.  

Posted: 15.11.18
Updated: 05.12.18

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