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Eco-Christmas Styling

24 November 2022

Bring the beauty of the natural world into your home this winter…

tom raffield foraging decorations

Express your love for nature this Christmas time by turning your home into a winter wonder woodland. A cluster of collected pinecones, or a bare, fallen branch can be transformed into beautiful, festive home décor….

tom raffield foraging
Foraging for fallen treasures is a great way to gather a better understanding of your favourite places to explore.
natural christmas decorations
Nature provides us with a rainbow of colours and materials that can suit a wide range of interior styles.

Festive Foraging

Grab your trusty reusable bag, gather your loved ones and head to the great outdoors! Use this precious winter time to collect seashells, fallen branches and pinecones to create a collection of cosy Christmas décor. Bringing the outside world into your home is an easy way to achieve the feeling of comfort whilst the natural colour palette suits any Christmas décor scheme.

Before you begin, here are some key points to remember:

  • To only forage in public space or to seek permission from private landowners.
  • Only collect from plentiful populations, ensuring you leave plenty behind for natural habitats. (It is also respectful to not forage rare species to allow them to thrive).
  • Foraging has to be done responsibly, ensuring that you do no damage either to individual plants or to the local eco-system.
tom raffield mylor bowl
The Mylor Bowl showcases your winter decor touches with ease.

Care for your greens

Once your basket is full of abundance, you want to ensure to keep your greenery thriving through the colder months to ensure you home is continuously basked in lush layers of greenery. When home, the first step should be to clean your foraged goods. If your wild greens are edible, soak them in water and then dry thoroughly before adding to any homecooked meals or storing in a sealed container. If your handpicked stems are for decoration only, a gentle spritz, and debug will suit - making sure to cut off any withering ends with sanitised scissors.

tom raffield kyru vase set
Spread out your collection of foraged greenery to layer your homely touches.
tom raffield vase
Paired with Christmas decoration, your hand picked greenery can create a statement festive center-piece.

Foraged Art

The beauty of using natural materials to decorate your home is that no two pieces are ever the same. You can use your foraged materials to create a natural wreath – another fun family activity that could turn into a Christmas tradition.

tom raffield natural wreath

If you have been gifted a beautiful vase, you can also turn your hand at flower arranging. Whether you opt for a big bunch of blooms or a single dried stem, natural decorations will add texture to your home whilst making it feel cosier. You could also pad out your Christmas tree with your foraged goods if it looking a little sparse.


Deck the Walls

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