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Earth Day 2023

21 April 2023

Encouraging a greater protection for our planet…
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Earth Day is a global event that promotes clean living, with a focus on creating a healthy environment for everyone inhabiting the planet. The mission of Earth Day is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Read on to discover what we do everyday to create change, and some ideas for you to get involved…

What we are doing

Everyday we strive to make considered, Earth-friendly decisions. We ensure that every Tom Raffield design is kind to the planet through our sustainable design and crafting process. Alongside this, we work with likeminded partners who we support in their tireless efforts to restore our planet.

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FSC® certified (FSC-C177881). We have achieved a huge milestone in our sustainability goals this year. We are now FSC CoC certified, and a selection of our products are also FSC approved, but all our wood is, and always has been, sourced from sustainable forests. FSC® certified products are available upon request.

WWF 2030 Circle. As continued members of the WWF 2030 Circle and supporting the Trillion Trees programme we’re dedicated to restoring the natural habitats and ecosystems that have been lost over the last several decades due to human intrusion and destruction.

📷: Ecologi

Ecologi. We proudly partner with Ecologi to create a climate positive Tom Raffield workforce. Ecologi work to tackle the climate crisis and keep global temperatures from rising by planting trees and investing in carbon reduction projects. From protection of Colombian forests, to supporting solar energy in Indonesia, Ecologi help us support projects that offset tonnes of CO2 and minimize our waste streams to become a climate positive workplace.

What you can do

Change starts at home. So, this Earth Day you could reflect on the sustainable practices in your home. There are so many small changes you can make this weekend that will aid the planets recovery - even within local, walking distance so you’re not driving your car will help.

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Portable planters make a great addition to interiors as they can be transported to where needs a pop of greenery. 
tom raffield grand designs home
Glass bottles offer an endless array of uses down to their non-porous nature, and it won't soak up smells. 

Window side assistance. Do you have a windowsill primed to grow your own leafy greens? This weekend marks the perfect opportunity to start your indoor garden. Whether you are re-growing a head of lettuce in water or starting from seedlings in an old egg tray – throughout the summer that will be one less item to get from the supermarket.

Reuse what you own. Whilst it might be tempting to go out and buy brand new reusable, plastic free, options, you probably own plenty of options already! Cleaned out jars can be used as food storage, a plant propagator or even a coffee cup!

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The right bulb is key to making your Tom Raffield design truly shine. 

LED switch up. Using LED lightbulbs in our homes is a proven way to save on energy bills and, in turn, look after our planet. This Earth Day is a great opportunity to remove, and properly recycle, old bulbs to replace them with planet, and money saving, LED bulbs.

Make an impact through simple purchase decisions. Individuals have the power to make a stand by only opting for sustainable choices. From cleaning products, to homeware, there are many ways to shop sustainably, letting bigger corporations know what is important when it comes to investing in pieces.

tom raffield workshop

Earth Day host plenty of varied, planet saving, activities across the world. From beach clean ups to supporting sustainable fashion and local plant swaps, they offer a range of ways to act. Check your local community notice boards or on to discover what events are happening near you.

Posted: 21.04.23
Updated: 15.06.23

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