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At Home Desk Refresh

21 January 2022

Our tips on how to upgrade your workspace…
Tom Raffield grand designs house

Adjusting back into a working routine after the Christmas break has been a marmite experience – you’ve either found it really difficult, or leapt into the routine and structure with joy!

But whether you’ve found the adjustment a struggle or not, it’s undeniable that working from home in some form is here to stay, and if your desk or home-office is anything like ours, it could do with a new year refresh to get us back into the groove. Here’s our top tips on kick starting January and banishing the working from home blues…

Tom Raffield Workshop planning

Step one - get organised

A desk is naturally a place where items get stacked or accumulated. Papers, pens, and books can often find themselves thrown across your workspace and after a long day, cleaning up is the last thing on your mind. However, the easiest way to start any refresh is with two simple steps: declutter and clean.

Declutter. File away any paperwork you will need, making sure to recycle any unnecessary paper. Collect all stray stationery and office essentials and find a convenient home for them (we love using our new Maen Pot for this purpose). A cluttered workspace won’t inspire you, so making sure everything is where it should be will help keep you focused.

Tom Raffield workshop desk
Tom Raffield workshop desk

Clean up. Once your clutter has transitioned from chaos to calm, an early spring clean of your space is a great way to start your working week. Give your keyboard, screen, and desk a good dust and clean with anti-bacterial wipes.

Step two - light it up

If you can, position your desk facing a window to increase your exposure to natural day light for as long as possible and absorb some vitamin D. Allowing yourself to be surrounded with warm, natural light for as long as possible helps reduce SAD symptoms often associated with northern hemisphere winters.

Noctis Wheal Table Light
Providing an endless glow for your desk, the Noctis Wheal Table Light will add bold, deep lines to your interior.
Image 1 alt text goes here
Radiating light in all directions, the Hanter Table Light blends an inviting ambience with a sharp design aesthetic.
Image 2 alt text goes here
Sustainable oak or walnut sees light escape through the Urchin Table Light's seams, creating pools of brightness in the dark.

Inevitably, we will find ourselves working through dark early mornings and evenings - so treating yourself to a new desk light will help lift your mood (and be a great topic of conversation on your next Zoom call).

Straining your eyes will hinder your work performance, so ensure your immediate workspace is well lit with a directional light source. If only specific areas or corners of your area are lacking in light, opt for a table light with a shade for beautiful directional light. However, if your entire space is calling out for enhanced illumination, an exposed bulb will suit.

Stem table light

Step three - everything in its place

Extra storage is always a good idea. Cleverly placed shelves can help you complete tasks swiftly and efficiently, whether they hold books to keep you inspired, or important documents, having your essentials at hand saves time panic searching.

Maen Pot
A handy storage solution for your stationary, the hunt for a pen ends with the Maen Pot.
Tor Twist shelf
Offering a space to hang decorative items, whilst holding office essentials, the beauty of the Tor Twist Shelf is found within its versatility.

The key to great storage is working out what you want to display. Choosing items that will inspire your creativity for your visible shelving and saving items that might distract you draws space is a helpful starting point.

If you have an unconventional home office space and, like many, are working from a dining or living area, chose adaptable or portable storage options. Pieces that can be moved around the home if your working location changes with varying daily routines will keep you in the working mindset whilst keeping you organised.

Tom raffield lundy shelf
Holding your beloved items with pride, the Lundy Shelf can display artwork from loved ones, or used to store files.

Step four - finishing touches

You’re likely spending about 40 hours a week at your desk (if you work full time) and consequently should be aiming to make the space as comfortable as possible, whilst supporting your posture. Homely touches will make your office space cosy and keep you motivated.

Tom Raffield devonia sheepskin
A luxurious addition. The Devonia Sheepskin Rug adds comfort that can be moved throughout your space – adding warmth where needed.
Beeble Pouffe
A great coffee spot. Utilise the Beeble Pouffe’s portable nature and step away from your desk to think about your tasks from a fresh perspective.

Add a sheepskin rug to make your day more comfortable. Perfect for warming you on those frosty mornings and cold evenings, the natural textures will also soften your office space, relaxing your mentality allowing inspiration to freely flow.

Mylor bowl
The Mylor Bowl can be adjusted to suit your needs. Sat upright homing a flourishing house plant or slightly angled to hold your grab and go office essentials, the Mylor Bowl's versatile design suits a wide range of needs.

Bring the outside in. Adding greenery will help soothe any stress with natural biophilia, whilst providing you with a breath of fresh air. Plants not only look great but have been scientifically proven to enhance creativity.

Posted: 21.01.22

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