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Cosy Winter Bedroom Styling

10 January 2020

A relaxing oasis of winter calm awaits you...

You wouldn't be alone if you've been finding yourself pining for long summer days and warm, light evenings. But why wish the winter months away when there's plenty of cosy evening perks to embrace before the seasons change? Ensuring your home offers a sanctuary of comfort and calm, especially the rooms where you spend most of your time like the bedroom, is a fail-safe way to make winter a more enjoyable time of year.

Here's our top five tips to help you transform your bedroom into a winter oasis...

Our Celtic Sheepskin rug adds a wintry aesthetic to this bedroom, whilst adding textures with cushions is a great way to make your interior even more cosy.

Add textures

One of the best things about winter is the feeling of sinking into a warm, comfortable bed at the end of a long day knowing you're in for a great nights sleep.

Investing in good quality bedding including a higher tog winter duvet, cosy blankets and pillows will make this dream a daily reality. Opting for a mix of fabrics such as breathable linen, high thread count cottons and flannel will also help to keep you toasty all winter long. Aside from swapping out your bedding, introducing and layering rugs can be a great way to amplify the hygge of a bedroom space. Stepping out of bed onto a fluffy, soft rug makes the ordeal far more bearable - our Celtic Sheepskin provides the ultimate comfort.

Top style tip: Adding textures to your bedroom will help soften it and make it more welcoming.

Our Arbor Armchair provides a comfy place to relax on winter evenings and invites you to take a moment for yourself. Demanding the concentration of three skilled makers, solid Pyrenees oak yields with breathtaking results.

The Upholstered Crib Bench's steam bent twist of sustainably sourced oak brings our signature aesthetic to the fore, while the comfy cushioned seat is upholstered in high quality, contract grade wool. Subtle, playful and different from every angle — the Crib will always attract attention.


Winter is a good time to think about the practicality of the furniture in your bedroom. Each piece should be designed for your comfort, so only choose pieces that you know you won't be able to resist relaxing in. This means considering replacing hard chairs and stools with luxurious upholstered items.

Our Upholstered Crib Bench could be a great modern twist on an Ottoman, when placed at the bottom of your bed. Equally, our versatile Beeble Pouffe is the perfect winter accessory - designed for those feet-up moments of pure relaxation.

Top style tip: Use our bespoke fabric service to choose any colour or pattern for our upholstered furniture pieces, allowing you to customise them to fit your interior.

Inspired by the power and grace of the Atlantic Ocean, our Drift Pendant flows and rolls into your home, bringing with it the motion of seasonal Cornish swells.

Lighting is key

Nothing says 'cosy winter hideaway' like well considered, ambient lighting. Our dimmable light fittings are a great way to cater towards all moods; bright enough to fill a room with light for daily tasks but easily altered (in a twist of a switch) to suit a more relaxed evening setting. 

Choose from bedside table space-saving designs such as our Hanter Wall Lights and Neap Wall Lights or opt for an eye-catching pendant to create a statement in your space including our new Drift and Keel Pendants - all of which are supplied with dimmable fittings and flexes. 

Top style tip: Bedside tables needn't be accompanied by table-top lighting designs. Our range of steam bent wall lights and ceiling pendants can be easily fitted in ways that achieve excellent bedside lighting - suspending one of our Keel Pendants over your bedside table would be a unique way to achieve functional mood lighting whilst saving on surface space.

A captivating cluster of Keel Pendants create a warm ambience in this neutrally styled bedroom.

Our unassuming Archer Table Light, handcrafted from sustainably sourced oak, makes for the perfect bedside companion. 

Introduce greenery

Just because the view out of the window looks a little more grey than green at this time of year, there's no reason why you can't bring the green outdoors in.

Introducing houseplants to your bedroom immediately makes it more welcoming, adding architectural texture and depth, as well as a pop of colour. And as those long summer evening walks take a backseat, plants create more oxygen and purify the atmosphere in your bedroom, so you won't miss out too much on the benefits of fresh air!

Top style tip: Our Green Range offers a unique opportunity to make the most of your houseplants, adding style and innovative design to any space.

Our Green Range allows you to transform your houseplants into pieces of steam bent art.

Calming colour

Whether your preference is for a monochrome theme, jewelled tones or bright, statement colours, it's important to find the right combinations and balance for your intended space. As well as being calm and cosy, your bedroom should also be a sanctuary of relaxation, where you can get a good night's sleep.

It's been said that too many colour combinations can overstimulate the brain and lead to a more disturbed night, so it's important to think carefully about your colour schemes to reap the benefits of a serene winter hideaway.

Top style tip: Opting for colours that resonate and share a likeness to nature-inspired tones can be a great way to craft a calming aesthetic for your interior. 

The inclusion of Keel Pendants and green, leafy houseplants in this Scandinavian-inspired bedroom work well alongside the neutral ceiling and flooring to bring a sense of tranquillity. 

Posted: 10.01.20
Updated: 15.04.21

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