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Christmas Lookbook 2021

11 November 2021

The festive season is almost here, gather Christmas inspiration by exploring our annual lookbook. From statement furniture pieces to small space home accessories, you'll find sustainable designs to will make your home shine bright for years to come. Our Christmas Shop is now open to help you get ticking off your gift lists early.

Tom Raffield Skipper Pendant
Give the gift of iconic design. Our Skipper Pendant is well suited to any space in your home, lending itself to a wide range of interiors with its lively display of light and shadows.
Tom Raffield #Arbor Armchair
Take a moment to revel in the joy and togetherness of Christmas in our Arbor Armchair.
Tom Raffield Crib Stool
Sustainably sourced oak, handcrafted to create the Crib Stool. A welcome resting place for your festive cocktails.
Tom Raffield May Coffee Table
One striking steam bent twist is at the core of the handcrafted May Coffee Table, creating a bold, yet delicate, design.
Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair
Our Arbor Armchair sees steam bent, sustainably sourced oak pairs with high quality, contract grade wool to provide unparalleled comfort.
Tom Raffield Artus Table Light on a Stuggy Side Table
Whether beside your favourite armchair, or placed along your hallway to home a table light, the Stuggy Side Table's versatile design always looks right at home.
Tom Raffield Beeble Pouffe
Carry the Beeble Pouffe room-to-room with its leather strap, allowing this handcrafted design to suit a range of interiors.
Tom Raffield Lundy Shelf
Invite sculptural beauty to your interior with the Lundy Shelf. Steam bent ash wood twists to form a woodland inspired silhouette which holds the strong shelf.
Tom Raffield Maen Pot and Mawnan Planter.
Good things come in small packages… our range of small homeware accessories are striking designs, each as versatile as the next.
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The perfect gift for the ‘foodie’ in your life, the Maen Pot Trio can grows three of your favourite herbs.
Tom Raffield Lundy Shelf
Showcase your prized possessions on the Housel Shelf. A steam bent loop of sustainably sourced ash holds a strong, singular shelf.
Tom Raffield Tall and Short Merry Planters
Create an impact in your space with the Merryn Planters. Tall, steam bent oak stand shoulder to shoulder to support an earthenware bowl.
Tom Raffield Maen Pot and Tilner Mirror
The Tilner Mirror and Maen Pot are a perfect duo to suit your at home self-care sanctuary.
Tom Raffield Selection of home accessories
Spread the feeling of joy this Christmas with home accessories that are not only functional, but beautiful.
Tom Raffield Leven Table Light
Warm light floods out of the wooden tiers that make the Leven Table Light, suiting living spaces and bedrooms alike.
Tom Raffield Pendant
Casting a warm spotlight within your space, the Leven Pendant brings layers of structured beauty to your interior.
Tom Raffield Artus Table Light
Well suited to spaces calling out for drama and personality, the Artus Table Light’s intricate design displays a bold exhibition of vertical light.
Tom Raffield Archer Table Light
Our minimalist Archer Table Light’s exposed bulb fills space with a warm glow.
Tom Raffield Verso Floor Light
Giving a fresh perspective on natures paths, the Verso Floor Light alights your space with sculptural beauty.
Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair, Leven Table Light and Crib Stool.
From left: Arbor Armchair, Leven Table Light and Crib Stool.
Tom raffield Log Loop
The Log Loop is the perfect companion for roaring wintertime fires.
Tom Raffield Artus Table Light
Fine dowel surrounds the bulb to create a mesmerising pattern across the space, the Artus Table Light is perfect for hallways or entrance ways alike.
Tom Raffield Beeble Pouffe
A playful resting place for weary feet after a long day of festivities, the Beeble Pouffe is versatile in its uses.

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