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Buy less…care more!

24 November 2021

Old habits die now.
Cornwall Scenery

With Black Friday looming, your email inbox and social feeds will no doubt already be full of “big savings” messages. However, instead of joining this consumerism frenzy, we urge you to join us in making the biggest saving this year by protecting the planet and only making responsible, conscious purchases. Only buy what you need (if you need it at all) and purchase goods that you’ll cherish for years to come. This mindset and outlook will prevent the approximate 80% of Black Friday purchases (along with any corresponding plastic packaging) that end up in landfill, on average, after appallingly just one use.

Tom Raffield in forest

Donations not discounts

Here at Tom Raffield we stand firm in our beliefs, which is why we won’t be participating in Black Friday this year, and why we never will. This year, like every other, we won’t be coercing you into impulsively buying our designs and feeding the media-centric, consumerist frenzy that has unfortunately become Black Friday.

This Friday our small and talented team will continue to craft homewares from sustainably sourced materials, we’ll continue to charge a fair price that reflects the quality of each everlasting design, and we’ll continue to pay our skilled makers and suppliers a fair living wage. We celebrate and value producing handcrafted heirlooms and for this, we won’t compromise or apologise.

Tom Raffield Grand Designs forest

“Sustainable companies will lead the way to a brighter future by driving change and helping consumers make responsible decisions that will be kinder on our planet. Before it is too late”.

- Alastair Fothergill, WWF Ambassador and 2030 Circle Chairman.

This is our time to step up, give back and take action. This year, we encourage you to join us in our anti-Black Friday campaign and help drive change with WWF and support two initiatives very close to our heart and support vital projects that will help fight climate change and save our one shared home...

If you do decide to make a considered purchase with us, we have included the opportunity to add a donation to WWF when you checkout.

(Picture: Ecologi)

Our Sustainable Partners

Ecologi - Impactful Climate Solutions

We’re a climate positive workforce, partnering with Ecologi to offset our employees’ carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more. In return, Ecologi plant trees (nearly 5000 to date) to restore healthy forests around the globe and fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Our partnership has aided projects like building small scale wind turbines in India, as well as converting landfill gas to clean energy in Turkey. Our Ecologi grown forest grows as our business does, this ensures that we are constantly reviewing our practises to remain operating with a carbon neutral workforce.

WW292186 © César David Martinez
(Picture: WW292186 © César David Martinez)

We're Proud Members of the WWF's 2030 Circle

As a member of the WWF 2030 Circle one of our goals is expanding the tree population globally and to bring back the natural habitats that have been lost. This drive and passion to care for the world, aligns with our values perfectly.

In just one generation, 420 million hectares of forest have been lost due to deforestation. That’s why, in early 2021, we joined the WWF and became a member of WWF's 2030 Circle. With a focus on supporting the Trillion Trees programme, together we're dedicated to restoring the natural habitats and ecosystems that have been lost over the last several decades due to human intrusion and destruction. In dishonour of Black Friday we have added an optional donation button at our check out to ensure constant aid for the planet’s recovery.

WWF - Trillion Trees. Uniting local projects within a global force. We joined forces with WWF, WCS and Bird Life to urgently speed up and scale up the positive power of forests. Together, we are committed to protect and restore one trillion trees by 2050, for the benefit of people, nature and a stable climate.

WWF - Climate Crisis Fund. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average, whilst so much of the Amazon Rainforest is being burned or destroyed. The Climate Crisis Fund's goal is so save this habitats and protect the inhabitants of these environments.

Tom Raffield in Cornish scenery

Posted: 24.11.21
Updated: 25.11.21

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