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Beautiful Inside and Out

28 June 2024

Designs that go from inside comfort to outside charm…

tom raffield al fresco

Get ready to soak up the summer with designs that bring beauty inside your home and the outdoors - think portable table lights that make your garden glow, charming planters that turn your patio into a mini paradise, and vases that showcase your favourite foraged blooms. Whether you’re setting the mood for an al fresco dinner or just sprucing up your space, our creations add a splash of joy and elegance wherever they go. Read on to discover pieces that are as versatile as they are stylish. 

Please note, whilst these designs are suitable for use outside on dry days, do not leave your pieces outside for a prolonged period of time or in wet weather. 

tom raffield outside designs

Maen Pot

Understated yet playful, the Maen Pot is the ultimate multifunctional design that adds a touch of fun and versatility to any space. Indoors, this tactile, earthenware ceramic bowl with its charming tan leather handles can brighten up your living room as a stylish planter for your houseplants or found in the kitchen home herbs. It can also serve as a handy storage pot in the kitchen or bathroom, keeping everyday essentials neatly organised.

maen pot
maen pot

When the weather is dry, take the Maen Pot outside. Use it as a cheerful centrepiece for your al fresco dining table, filled with fresh herbs, fruit, or vibrant flowers. Its smooth, waterproof glaze ensures it thrives both indoors and out, making it a perfect companion for every occasion.

Merther Bowl

The Merther Bowl is where practicality meets elegance, offering refined lines, iconic steam-bent curves, and timeless tones. Inside the home, this ceramic beauty with its halo of sustainably sourced ash wood makes a stunning centrepiece on your dining table, a chic fruit bowl in the kitchen, or a stylish storage solution in the living room.

merther bowl

Ready for some outdoor adventures? The Merther Bowl transforms into a handy trug for harvesting fresh vegetables or cut flowers from the garden. It’s also perfect for bringing snacks and treats to your garden gatherings, combining functionality with a touch of natural elegance.

Skipper Portable Table Light

The Skipper Portable Table Light embodies Scandinavian design principles, merging style, sustainability, and convenience. Indoors, this wireless, rechargeable lamp made from sustainably sourced wood petals adds a warm, golden glow to your hallways, living spaces, or home office. Its dimmable feature makes it perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere with just a touch of a button.

Skipper Portable Table Light

When it’s time to enjoy the outdoors, the Skipper Portable Table Light comes with you. Ideal for lighting up evening meals on the patio or adding a touch of magic to your garden gatherings, this portable lamp ensures that your summer nights are always beautifully illuminated.

Skipper Portable Table Light outside table light
Skipper Portable Table Light outside

Kyru Vase

Summon nature inside and transform your space with the Kyru Vase. Indoors, this Japandi-inspired, hand-glazed earthenware vase, with its sleek simplicity and matte outer glaze, is a perfect vessel for fresh blooms or dried flowers. It nestles effortlessly into a bespoke, sustainably sourced oak wood base, making it a striking centrepiece on mantelpieces, tabletops, or shelves.

kyru vase
kyru vase

Ready to take your style outdoors? The Kyru Vase is your ideal companion for alfresco dining settings, adding a touch of elegance with handpicked garden flowers or seasonal greenery. Its contemporary, curving form enhances any outdoor space, ensuring your summer gatherings are both beautiful and sophisticated.

Posted: 28.06.24
Updated: 28.06.24

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