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20 October 2023

Looking to refresh your space? Discover the versatile homeware pieces we believe every home should have…

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There’s a lot of factors to consider when shopping for new homeware. From product aesthetic and lifespan, to versatility and function - it can be quite a daunting challenge. Here at Tom Raffield we believe it’s best to start off by investing in the pieces that you truly need, then add in designs you desire once you’ve achieved a basic set up. Keep reading to discover our five must-have designs that every home should have.

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comfortable seating

Why it’s needed: One of the greatest joys is being comfortable in your own home. Whether you have a favourite nap spot on your sofa, or just enjoy kicking back and putting your feet up after a long day, comfort is key in your space. Invest wisely in pieces that will be durable and practical for many years to come, and that can support your family when comfort is needed. Seating is arguably the most important ‘high traffic’ feature of your living area, choosing the right design can be a tricky decision.

Arbor Armchair
Chose furniture that defines function whilst proudly showcasing your personal style. The strength of the Arbor Armchair’s solid Pyrénéen oak arm is projected through your interior, whilst the comfort of the upholstery will allure and intrigue your company.

Customise your favourite piece with fabric that will not just suit your room, but will stand out. Sustainable fabrics will provide longevity to your pieces, whilst (all importantly) not damaging the environment. The right fabric will bring texture to your space, whilst the right design will dictate the flow of movement throughout your interior, so it is vital you consider both wisely.

Tom Raffield Beeble
A place to rest weary feet or a seat for a quick pitstop, our Beeble Pouffe is the perfect, versatile piece for your interior. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced oak and upholstered in the highest quality wool, the Beeble Pouffe is a clever addition to any space.

TR tip: Colour choice can affect not only the feel of your interior, but how guests perceive and remember it. Colours such as grey and brown give a sense of relaxation and serenity whilst colours such as yellow and orange project energy, happiness and creativity.

Versatile Table Lights

Why it’s needed: Refresh your space – fuss free. The smallest of changes can make a big impact. Portable table lights are a great way to ensure you have adequate light throughout your interior, as well as providing a gentle focus on different pieces in a room. Lights at table-top height will help add a sense of depth to your room and create a focal point where needed. Thoughtfully placed lighting adds another dimension, bringing your entire décor’ to life.

Tom Raffield Artus Table Light
Structured yet dynamic the Artus Table Light provides personality in abundance.
Tom Raffield Raya Table Light
Illuminating with an ethereal glow, the Raya Table Light provides an out of this world beauty.

A purposeful table light can tie your décor together, adding personality to your space where needed. By choosing unique designs, the versatile light can be carried through each of your rooms, ensuring your home will truly shine. Great lighting can create depth, height, cosy spots, and draw attention to the most impressive areas of your home. It’s all about the balance of light and shadow and bringing new energy to an interior.

Tom Raffield Hanter Table Light
The Hanter Table light is a timeless beauty that will provide a cosy glow throughout any interior. Sustainably sourced oak arches to suspend an exposed bulb which radiates light in all directions.

TR tip: Table lights are great tools when it comes to creating a calm and cosy atmosphere, or, if desired, bring a feeling of formality into a space. Consider the shadows of your table light and the desired atmosphere. For example, if you are wanting to create a cosy environment, avoid dramatic, layered lighting and choose designs that emit a warm, gentle glow.

clever storage

Why it’s needed: Help hide clutter, organise belongings, showcase, and accentuate prize possessions or just display the everyday objects in your life – storage is essential. Clever storage isn’t just about floor to wall cupboards, intuitive storage is about being purposeful with your space.

Tom Raffield Kesu Shelf
A welcome addition to any living area or bedroom, the Kesu Shelf brings a contemporary style and timeless nature. 
Tom Raffield Housel Shelf
Soften your space with the Housel Shelf. A practical shelf sitting within a steam bent ash hoop creates a unique, minimalist storage solution. The perfect home for your favourite photos of loved ones, or your most prized houseplant.

Tom Raffield Skipper Pendants and Arbor Armchair


Why it’s needed: Task lighting should serve as the primary lighting source for any room and focuses light on activities such as cooking, reading, or working. No matter what you use your home for, ensuring you have ample task lighting is incredibly important. Task lighting offers the opportunity to coordinate your design scheme, whilst ensuring your daily tasks can be achieved. A beautifully designed shade paired with the right bulb can literally transform a space.

Tom Raffield Kern Pendant
Minimal simplicity at its best, the Kern Pendant is a powerful statement light that covers your whole room in a striking golden glow. A hoop of sustainably sourced oak holds five exposed bulbs which provides a modern, architectural influence on your interior.
Tom Raffield SKipper Pendant
Casting unique shadows across your space, the Skipper Pendant is the perfect marriage of Scandinavian simplicity and Tom Raffield design. The Skipper Pendant brightens up any room and makes a design statement with its intricate handcrafted wooden shade.
Tom Raffield Leven Pendant
If your space is calling out for impactful downlight, the Leven Drum Pendant would be the perfect addition. Showcasing structural beauty, the four handcrafted tiers provide a gentle glow as light flows down through the pendant.


Why it’s needed: The importance of beautifully crafted finishing touches is often underestimated. Without accessories, your space, no matter how beautifully decorated or furnished, will be left looking and feeling unloved. They make your home come alive by adding texture, colour and personality. Accessories aren’t just there for aesthetics, they should be functional in their forms – such as planters, mirrors and bowls.

Tom Raffield Green Range

Bring your space to life with some greenery. Indoor planters are a great way to brighten up your interior with organic forms and colours, whilst providing cleaner air for you to breath. Neutral toned planters will ensure the plants stand out, whilst complimenting your décor.

Tom Raffield wool throw
A cosy wool throw will keep you snug whilst creating a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. 
Tom Raffield Tilner Mirror
Amplify the light in your space with a Tilner Mirror. Carefully placed, interesting reflections can be created whilst the extra light will make the area feel bigger, and brighter. Inspired by the swooping bend of a flex bow, the Tilner Mirror brings confident curves and natural beauty.
Tom Raffield Harlyn Mirror
In a room with no natural centrepiece, a large mirror will provide a great focal point. The Harlyn Mirror is handcrafted from steam bent oak and designed to mimic a twisted leather strap, alluring guests with its playful details.

TR tip: If you’re lacking in window space, place a mirror facing a window with your favourite view. This will turn the mirror into another window, creating not only the illusion of space but framing your view beautifully, allowing you to appreciate it from any angle.


Posted: 20.10.23

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