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A Guide To: Urban Gardening

25 March 2022

Cultivate your own tasty, homegrown oasis no matter the size of your space…
tom raffield new maya planter

So, what exactly is urban gardening? Urban gardening is the practice of cultivation, mainly of food, in and around urban areas. In a post-lockdown climate, growing your own food has become a popular phenomenon – saving you a trip to the supermarket whilst keeping green fingers busy. Not only does growing your own produce provide a convenient option for your home cooking, but it can be educational and enable you to try new varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The best news about urban gardening is how accessible and easy it is to start, with most of the materials probably already in your home. Upcycle nursery pots from washed out cardboard milk cartons or food containers, and with a little care and nurturing, you can grow year-round crops such as aromatic herbs and tumbling tomatoes with our simple guide…

tom raffield mylor bowl
Angled to suit your interior needs, the Mylor Bowl can be sat upright to home thriving greenery or tilted to an angle to showcase your fresh fruit and home grown salads.

Define your space

Where are you going to grow? A windowsill, a bare wall, or a kitchen worktop? Most areas of your home will have the right conditions to play host to a growing plant.

Once you have decided where is calling out for homegrown goodness, you will need to research what you can grow and when – considering light levels, air circulation and temperature. We love beans climbing from a tub on a balcony, tomatoes suspended above a windowsill or microgreens in a window side planter.

tom raffield maen pot trio
The Maen Pot Trio is perfect for your top three herbs, keeping them in reach for your home cooking.

Pick your pot

If you’re embracing your inner urban gardener by adding greenery inside, a beautiful pot that will enhance your décor is a must. You will spend a lot of time checking in on your flourishing produce, so you want to make sure your pot cheers up your space with an attractive design.

If you are exploring our ever expanding Green Range, here are our recommendations for each of our planters.

tom raffield morvah hanging planter
The Morvah Hanging Planter is ideal for trailing produce, such as bush tomatoes or even strawberries.
The Maya Planter
Leafy salad greens such as spinach, lettuce or rocket will thrive in the Maya Wall Planter.

Prepare to plant

You will spend a lot of time caring for your plants, so you want to make the right decision for your household when it comes to deciding which crops to grow. Choose produce that you eat on a weekly basis. For example, if you are a big salad lover, try your hand at growing salad greens to cut your plastic consumption.

tom raffield mylor bowl and duo of maen pots

A great place to start growing is with food you already have - by regrowing from scraps. When you are left with the base of some vegetables such as spring onions, celery, or lettuce, simply soak this in water for a few days, until you see roots forming, then you can transfer this to soil.

Fresh herbs are also an easy place to start. You can even buy pre-grown plants from the supermarket which you can separate and care for at home – ready to be used for months of repeated produce.

tom raffield morvah hanging planter

Nurture your nature

The beauty of indoor growing is that it can be achieved year-round. In the summer months your home will be flooded with sunlight allowing for great levels of light and warmth to nurture your produce. In the winter, your interior will be cheered up with planters populated with thriving greenery.

The care requirements for each plant will be different, but each crop’s basic requirements are water, light and plenty of drainage. Consider how the changing seasons will affect the watering routine of your plant and how the levels of natural light will affect your prosperous urban garden.

Fit for feasting

When it comes to harvesting, it is easy to be over-eager so cuttings must be taken with care. Many plants, such as leafy greens and herbs, are ‘cut and come again’ types so be cautious to not disturb the roots. For crops such as tomatoes or beans, you can simply pluck your produce, wash, and enjoy!

tom raffield morvah hanging planter
Time to harvest. Perfect for cocktail making, the Morvah Hanging Planter can hold your favourite go-to herb.
tom raffield green range interior

The Green Range

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