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2024 Interior Trends

2 January 2024

What we are looking forward to seeing this year…
tom raffield kitchen

Whilst we will always encourage styling your home with timeless pieces that be treasured forever, not just to suit a fleeting interior trend, we love to explore what the experts predict will thrive this year. Last year flaunted golden tones and ocean hues with pride, and as a new year unwinds before us, let’s explore what spaces will be thriving this year…

kesu shelving range
The top of the Kesu Shelving Range's wall bracket is cleverly angled to enable seamless stacking, for a harmonious wooden wall display.

Eclectic kitchen. A general theme this year seems to predict a rise in diverse homeware. Combining modern designs and vintage pieces to create an interior that shines with personality and joy – and it seems to begin in kitchens! We will start to see kitchen spaces that are reminiscent of cosy, independent cafes that boasts various décor styles through retro and unusual treasures.

Cosy living spaces. Following suit, our living spaces will move away from minimalist spaces are transform into rooms where are personality shines through unique designs and welcoming forms. A place to recharge after a long day, soaking up the beauty that surrounds you, taking pride in every piece you have proudly displayed. Open storage will become a must for these spaces, adding surfaces for you to showcase your favourite photos and mementos.

tom raffield living room
Our Arbor Armchair and Beeble Pouffe are a cosy combination for living spaces. 
tom raffield living room
Curving forms are a great way to invite softness into your space. 

Dark and moody interiors. Whilst a bit of a curveball, we are very excited to welcome a gothic touch to interiors this year. Adding bold, dark lines to your space is a thoughtful process that reaps great rewards – adding new depths and dimension to your space. We are excited to see how our Noctis Lighting Range can be used to create this beautiful effect.


Sculptural art. Art will always have a prideful place in homes, but 2024 suggests a rise of sculptural, 3D art. Playing with tone, texture, and placement, you can interpret sculptural art however you would like. Whether you introduce a way wooden table light to your home, or you opt for a statement tabletop display, art will always be an investment that you will proudly pass down for generations.

arame wall light
Projecting a dynamic display of light and shadow across your wall, the Arame Wall Light is a wooden work of art. 

Head to glow. Self-care should be at the top of everyone’s list – and 2024 is no different. We expect to see not only bathrooms transformed into self-care sanctuaries but creating pockets of space within your home for yourself. Think dressing tables populated with a beautiful, scented candle and your favourite skin care, or bathrooms swathed in warm illumination ready for your evening ritual.

tom raffield bathroom
Wooden hues are perfect for curating a peaceful interior. 
tom raffield self care
The Merther Bowl is the perfect self care companion.

Green interiors. Is green the new ultimate neutral? Year after year, green interiors prove themselves to be a timeless interior style. We will never tire of seeing homes filled with thriving houseplants and beautiful green hues. It’s no secret that we love tending to houseplants here at Tom Raffield, each flourishing plant brightens our home and improves our mental wellbeing.

tom raffield green range

Posted: 02.01.24
Updated: 02.01.24

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