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2020 Interior Design Trends

17 January 2020

The latest interior design trends we think you'll love in 2020 and for years to come.
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The start of a new year often brings about a few changes. Fresh starts, clearing out, new spaces and lots of new interior design trends. We've handpicked a few of our favourite design concepts that we believe you'll love for years to come. Here’s your design update.

Celebrating nature’s formations. Taking inspiration from the organic shapes, movements and sequential patterns that surround us, our Modum Range invites you to put nature back in the spotlight.

Things to look out for...

Connection to nature

We’re very pleased to see that this year promises a wealth of interior design trends that celebrate our connection with nature. Firstly, the biophilic design trend is showing no signs of slowing down. 2019 saw the explosion of biophilia (incorporating plants into your décor) and it seems like this is a movement that is going from strength to strength.

The latest twist on the biophilia trend, ‘living walls’, takes this idea to new levels. Using large numbers of plants to create an organic wall in your home is a sure-fire way to make a huge impact and improve your health and well-being.

Discover our exclusive range of innovative, steam bent indoor planters that celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature. From Ceiling to Wall and Floor Standing designs that summon nature inside, there's something to suit every space.

Biophilic design will continue to be popular in 2020, with people even more keen to reconnect with nature through their interiors.
'Green walls', such as the one pictured here in Tom Raffield's Grand Designs home, are one of the more recent twists on biophilic design. Take biophilia a step further by creating a piece of living art in your home.

Earth tones

This trend goes hand in hand with biophilia and the idea of bringing your interior closer to nature. Warm colours like yellow, brown and olive green that reflect shades found in the natural world will be popular this year. Combining different tones in this autumnal palette creates a welcoming environment that inspires comfort and warmth.

Our Merryn Floor Standing Planters give house plants a new lease of life, elevating them to forms of art that transform your interior.
Our Hanter Table Light's bold curve gives a dynamic energy to any interior.
2020 will see the rise of the use of earthy tones in interior design. Sandy yellows, olive greens and woody browns matched with natural materials such as wood and stone will help create a connection with nature.

Comfort and luxury

One slightly unusual trend that is promising to rear its head in 2020 is one of maximalist luxury. Plush interiors, cosy spaces and luxurious bedding are all ways to make your home a truly relaxing, welcoming place to be. Our Celtic Sheepskin is the perfect accessory to help you create maximum comfort with minimal effort.

The luxurious nature of our Celtic Sheepskin and Dartmoor Sheepskin are perfect for creating an interior that exudes comfort.
Arbor Armchair
Upholstered with the highest quality, contract grade wool, the Arbor Armchair is style which never compromises on comfort. Choose from our range of curated colours, or make the Arbor your own with a bespoke fabric.
Each of The Dartmoor Shepherd's Longwool Sheepskin Rugs are traditionally produced by native Devon and Cornwall longwool sheep, one of the rarest breeds in the world with only 600 breeding ewes left.

Honourable mentions

As well as those already mentioned, there are a few other design trends we thought were worth a mention...

Sustainability has been a key motivation of ours since the beginning and has recently been celebrated by the launch of the #sustainabilityseries on our blog. We are pleased to see a growing interest in sustainable design for 2020, as people become more conscious about the impact they have on the environment around them.

We also expect the trend of Japandi, which combines design techniques from Japan and Scandinavia, to continue to prove popular this year. Multi-functional spaces will also play a big part in 2020 as people find new and innovative ways to use and work with the space around them.

Posted: 17.01.20
Updated: 15.04.21

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