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New Collection of furniture and lighting 17/18

4 September 2017

A Tom Raffield Cape Pendant light, bench and coffee table.

With an experimental workshop set amongst six acres of ancient woodland in Cornwall, Tom Raffield designs are synonymous with nature; created as sculptural pieces inspired by the natural environment surrounding the studio. Marrying traditional techniques such as steam bending with modern technologies, each object is handcrafted using sustainably sourced wood. The result: a uniquely bold and contemporary collection of furniture and lighting.

The latest collection continues Tom Raffield’s signature curved aesthetic, incorporating steam-bent elements into a range of solid, sustainably sourced oak furniture and lighting. Stand outs include the Mooring Table Light and Mooring Floor Light, whose coloured flex follows the silhouette of their steam-bent arms from base to bulb. Other key pieces are the Twill Coat Stand, featuring five elegant arms with steam-bent twists at the top, and a new statement-sized Harlyn Mirror whose hanging loop has been playfully designed to resemble a twisted leather strap.

Each piece of Tom Raffield furniture and lighting is inspired by nature and shaped by hand at the Cornish workshop, a creative space which provides a fitting backdrop for a team of skilled craftsmen. “Each piece we create has been on an experimental journey – individual, organic and carefully considered. Using wood from sustainable forests, coupled with the low energy steam bending process, it is very ecological with little wastage,” explains Tom Raffield, designer and maker.

“Our new products balance beautiful craft with modern design to celebrate living spaces with fine pieces of art. These are pieces that will be cherished in owners’ homes for years to come.”

The new collection

Stem Table Light

Featuring a slender steam bent oak arm and perfectly proportioned Helix lampshade, this carefully considered table light is a new addition to the Stem family of lighting.

Woodland Wall

Handcrafted using sustainably sourced, British hardwood species similar to the trees surrounding the Tom Raffield studio, the Woodland Wall lets the natural character of wood such as beech and pine take centre stage; each piece specially chosen for its striking grain and beauty. Available in portrait and landscape options, it is easily hung on any wall to instantly transform a space.

Cape Pendant

With timber petals taking their shape from the wake of a wave, the Cape Pendant Light casts intriguing shadows when illuminated and makes a statement whether switched on or off. The new Cape Wall Light follows this as part of the new collection.

Twill Coat Stand

Handcrafted from beautiful solid oak wood, the distinctive Twill Coat Stand is a practical and elegant piece that will enliven any interior space.

Mooring Floor Light

Making a feature of its grey or bright red flex – which playfully traces the light’s silhouette from base to exposed bulb – the Mooring Floor Light is both a subtle yet statement piece.

Mooring Table Light

Extending the Mooring family comes a table light version, also available with a grey or bright red flex.

Hanter Wall Light

A simple yet elegant design, the Hanter Wall Light suspends its decorative brass filament bulb from a gently curving wooden arm, steam-bent from a single piece of solid oak.

Posted: 04.09.17
Updated: 02.06.23

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