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Elle Decoration: Skipper Floor Light

8 November 2021

Our Skipper Floor Light features in Elle Decorations edit 17 of the Best Floor Lamps for Instant Ambience.
Tom Raffield Skipper Floor Light

"Inspired by the region’s tradition for weaving baskets from steam-bent ash, oak and walnut, his pieces all have a handcrafted quality. Wherever your home is – town or country – this floor lamp will add a little rural charm."

- Elle Decoration
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The Elle Decoration Floor Light edit.

"When it comes to the building blocks that make up a successful interior, good lighting is one of the most important. It’s essential for setting the mood in your home – and there are few better ways to create instant ambience than with a well-placed floor lamp."

- Elle Decoration
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Casting a unique display of light and shadows, the Skipper Floor Light illuminates interiors with a warm glow.


Posted: 08.11.21
Updated: 24.07.24

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