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Tom Raffield DeVol Kitchen Feature

5 November 2019

Welcome to kitchen heaven...

If you follow us on Instagram you may have already seen that our sought-after Morvah Wall Hanging Planters and Taffrail designs recently featured in a Devol Kitchen photo shoot. The classic, minimally styled kitchen is part of the renovation of a medieval English manor house (for more on the renovation of this medieval manor, follow @the.history.keeper on Instagram) and makes the perfect backdrop for our steam bent pieces.

Our Taffrail provides functional, stylish storage against a navy backdrop.
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Our Morvah Hanging Wall Planters summon nature inside and transform space. Featuring our sleek, signature curves and slip cast ceramics, each planter is the perfect place to house your favourite trailing houseplants or edible herbs.
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Intent on maintaining the grandeur of their historic property, the owners kept the oversized Gothic windows, creating a blend of timeless architecture and light, open space. See more of the renovation of this medieval manor by following @the.history.keeper on Instagram.
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A gold, white, navy and cream colour scheme, along with rustic kitchenware and fittings, were used to create a classic look in the homeowners kitchen.
Our Morvah Hanging Wall Planters compliment the other pops of greenery in this DeVol kitchen.

This 'tea-making station' is set up next to a beautiful archway above a door that leads out of the kitchen.
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The kitchen has a spacious feel due to its high ceilings and large windows.
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These magnificent cabinets are part of DeVol's Classic English Kitchen range.
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Our Taffrail looks at home as part of this sleek, functional interior.

Posted: 05.11.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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