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Styling Statement Walls

15 September 2023

How to make an impact on your wall, not the environment…

paint and paper tom raffield collab

In need of a creative corner? Or perhaps your living room is calling out for a feature wall? Creating statement walls can be a tricky task - you want your space to be cohesive, yet also still hold interest. Don't worry we've got you covered, let's delve into our tips and tricks on how to create a striking wall that is not only decorated beautifully, but styled with functional accessories too…

Choosing sustainable paint & paper

When it comes to creating a statement wall, selecting sustainable wallpaper is the first step towards an eco-friendly interior. Look for wallpapers made from recycled or responsibly sourced materials. Opt for brands that prioritise water-based inks and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content to ensure a healthier indoor environment. And choose paints and paper that utilise natural pigments derived from plants and minerals, offering a wide range of stunning colours without compromising the environment or your health.

paint and paper tom raffield collab
Making a statement is subjective - so choose products that will last the test of time, make you smile and suits you needs in the space.

To create a truly remarkable statement wall, start with a statement wallpaper that serves as the backdrop for your wooden designs. Choose a design that speaks to your personality and complements your overall aesthetic. Whether it's a bold geometric pattern or a vibrant botanical print, the wallpaper sets the stage for the entire composition, creating a visually interesting environment. Once you have your statement wallpaper in place, it's time to unleash your creativity with vibrant paint. Choose bold and striking colours that contrast with the wallpaper and create a big impact, or opt for harmonising colours that tone well with the wallpaper for a cohesive visual impact.

Dress it up

Now that you have a sustainable canvas, it's time to introduce unique wooden designs and excitedly arranging the sustainable pieces on your statement wall. Experiment with different compositions and placements to find the perfect balance. Allow the natural curves and textures of our handcrafted pieces to interact with the patterns and colours of the wallpaper and paint.

paint and paper tom raffield collab
Go bold in bathrooms. A bold print, partnered with a fun asymmetrical mirror such as our Carn Mirror, creates a space bustling with personality.
paint and paper tom raffield collab
Styling your hallway with a subtle pattern and plenty of warming wooden tones with create a space that feels warm and welcoming.

Whether you choose to create a symmetrical arrangement or an asymmetrical display, let your creativity guide you and embrace the organic flow of the wooden designs.

Light it right

To enhance the impact of your statement wall, consider the role of lighting. Strategically placed wall lights or pendant lights can cast dramatic shadows, emphasising the textures and contours of the wooden designs and your statement wall. Introduce complementary accents such as plants, décor pieces, or carefully chosen furniture pieces that harmonise with the space, adding depth, and functionality, to the space.

paint and paper tom raffield collab
The Artus - Kurv Table Light Small projects a mesmerising display of light and shadow across your wall, adding fun texture and depth.

Shelves and Storage

A well-designed statement wall is not only visually striking but also functional. Introduce storage solutions to your space to maximise the wall's potential. Wooden shelves and storage pieces provide an elegant and sustainable option for organising your space.

paint and paper tom raffield collab
Use a thoughtfully placed mirror to reflect your statement wall, adding unexpected design moments thorughout your space.
paint and paper tom raffield collab
Opting to display a carefully curated collection of homeware is a great way to draw eyes to exactly what you want.

Whether you're looking for open shelves to display your favourite books and decorative objects or a thoughtfully placed side table to sit against your wall for daily essentials, incorporating our handcrafted designs ensures both form and function align seamlessly, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your statement wall.

Add lush layers

To truly breathe life into your statement wall, consider incorporating the beauty of nature with layered house plants. Plants not only add a touch of freshness but also create a connection between the organic wooden designs, statement wallpaper, or vibrant paint. Choose plants that thrive in your space's lighting conditions and complement the overall aesthetic. Consider ceiling hanging or wall mounted to create a stunning green backdrop that enhances the visual impact of your statement wall.

maya wall planter
A fun, thriving, plant, in the Maya Wall Planter, will contrast aganist your statement wall, creating a space full of life.

Posted: 15.09.23
Updated: 15.09.23

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