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15 December 2023

Eco elf approved designs for sustainable gifting…

tom raffield candle and lovecocoa chocolate

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and as we eagerly anticipate the joy of giving, it's time to think about the perfect gifts that make a lasting impression. Here at Tom Raffield, we believe that the spirit of Christmas is best captured through thoughtful, sustainable, and beautifully crafted designs. In this blog we unwrap compact designs that are not only perfect for your festive stockings but also align with our commitment to sustainability.

laris wall hook

Laris Wall Hook

Deck the walls sustainably with the Laris Wall Hook. Crafted from sustainably sourced ash wood, this versatile hook features a loop of robust leather secured by a brushed brass-tipped peg, combining elegance with functionality. Perfect for compact spaces, it transforms hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms into areas of adaptability and convenience. An ideal stocking filler, the Laris Wall Hook embodies the spirit of thoughtful gifting, suiting interior with the gift of style and purpose.

Maen Pot

maen pot

A pot for everything, in any interior. The minimal Maen Pot adds continuous joy to your loved ones, whilst creating a greenery interior, and planet. Whether used as a sleek plant pot, herb planter, or a stylish storage vessel, the Maen Pot seamlessly integrates into a wide variety of interiors. With its Scandi-inspired design, it is well-suited for creating an evocative tablescape, making it the ideal feel-good gift for those who love hosting or nurturing windowside seedlings. Embrace the gift of versatile elegance with the Maen Pot.

Love Cocoa Chocolate

love cocoa

Delight your loved ones with a gift that satisfies the sweet tooth. This festive season, elevate your gift-giving with Love Cocoa's irresistible chocolates, where decadence meets sustainability. Founded by James Cadbury, Love Cocoa is renowned for its commitment to ethical practices and exquisite taste. Each delectable creation is crafted with care, using cocoa sourced from sustainable farms, ensuring a positive impact on both the planet and the communities involved. Embrace the joy of giving with Love Cocoa's thoughtfully packaged and delicious treats, a perfect blend of festive indulgence and eco-conscious luxury.

Raya Table Light

maen pot

Inspired by lunar forms in our solar system, the Raya Table Light is a celestial masterpiece. The translucent glass orb with clouded bands emanates warm celestial white light, rooted on a base of sustainably sourced ash wood, adorned with a brass base plate. The solar inspired, opulent Raya Table Light is a calming presence ideal for hallways, bedside lighting, and contemporary home offices. Bring the cosmos into your home with this elegant and sustainable lighting solution, perfect for creating a serene ambiance in any room.

Tilner Mirror

A gift that reflects both form and grace. Capture the essence of timeless design and space-maximising elegance with the Tilner Mirror, a perfect Christmas gift. Inspired by the graceful curve of a flexing bow and arrow, the sustainably sourced oak base showcases confident, bold curves that add a touch of sophistication to any space. The curving, round mirror creates the illusion of space, making it an ideal addition for smaller settings. Portable and versatile, the Tilner Mirror effortlessly combines artistry with functionality, making it a thoughtful and stylish present for the festive season.

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Mylor Bowl

Unveil the charm of sustainable elegance with the Mylor Bowl. Displayed upon a solid oak plinth, this hand-glazed earthenware bowl is a striking addition to any room. Whether angled to display its contents proudly or carried by twin looping leather tan handles, the Mylor Bowl adds a touch of sophistication. Its versatility makes it perfect for salads, fruits, or even as a stylish home for houseplants and herbs. With our signature Scandi aesthetic, this bowl becomes a feel-good, sustainable gift, elevating everyday home essentials in living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens.

Scented Candles

Illuminate the festive season with the perfect gift, blending the magic of the season with sustainable luxury. These clean-burning delights, presented in a bespoke gift box adorned with a TR emboss, offer a long-lasting enchanting fragrance. Choose from Embers' warmth, Wild Gorse's refreshing serenity, or Moss's soothing embrace – each a warming journey into Cornwall's natural aromas. Once the aromatic bliss ends, the chic ceramic vessel transforms into a cherished trinket dish or a stylish indoor plant pot.

scented candle trio

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