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Six Hallway Updates for Autumn

30 September 2021

Artisan designs to create a warm welcome…

Tom Raffield Housel Shelf and Crib Bench in a hallway setting

As the nights slowly pull in and the mornings stay a little darker, making a few considered changes to your hallway can help make life a little easier through the winter months ahead. From ideas on creating a brighter more welcoming space, to helpful guidance on repositioning your favourite houseplants to maximise their chances of survival in cooler temps, our latest guide has handy tips to implement now...

Tom Raffield Burgh Coat Hook
If you are seeking coat storage but low on floor space, the wall mounted Burgh Coat Hook is perfect for your room.

Add hooks

With thicker coats, umbrellas and scarfs making a return for the colder months ahead, now is the time to create more hanging space in your hallway. Thoughtfully placed above your radiator, or even a mat to drip onto, wall mounted hooks will conveniently aid in the drying of your coats after battling the winter weather – because there is nothing worse then putting on a damp jacket.

Tom Raffield Coat Loop
A sweeping focal point, as well as useful storage for your outerwear the Coat Loop is a beautiful marriage of form and function.
Tom Raffield Twill Coat Stand
Use the vertical lines of the Twill Coat Stand to make your entrance way seem taller, as well as providing handy storage.
Tom Raffield Crib Console
The perfect companion to hallways and entrance ways, the Crib Furniture Range holds a striking design that is well crafted to be a helpful home for your prized possessions.

Clear Surfaces

You want your hallway to be a place of calm and solace as it warmly welcomes you inside so it’s best to avoid items that could overwhelm you, or your interior. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate your space with beloved items, just be mindful about where they are placed as objects balanced precariously or that are too big for the space will distract from the flow of your hall and can even become cumbersome or in the way when the footfall of the entrance is busy.

Tom Raffield Tor Twist Shelf
Utilise multipurpose designs such as our Tor Twist Shelf for the ideal hybrid shelf/hook design for outwear and everyday essential storage.

Worth looking into

Add a mirror to brighten your interior over the darker months. Well placed mirrors reflect daylight around a space making it feel airier and much more welcoming. Mirrors, as well as being practical places to pause and check your reflection, can also be used to create the illusion of more space - which can be very useful in a narrow room such as a hallway. Plus, a high quality, handcrafted mirror also creates a lovely point of focus and reflection in your interior.

Tom Raffield Merryn Planters, Harlyn Mirror and Crib Console Table
Our Merryn Planters are a beautiful addition to hallways, creating a striking home for your thriving houseplants.


Prepare for colder months by moving houseplants away from drafts and blasts of winter air into more sheltered spots of the home. Locating plants closer to windows is a good idea over the winter, as light doesn’t permeate a room so much and plants still need to make the most of natural light. Research your plants and see where they would best thrive within your home, ensuring you consider that radiators are more likely to be in use through these colder months, so avoid placing plants directly next to one to avoid them drying out too much.

Tackle this by swapping houseplants for a vase of dried flowers which will still add a touch of nature to your home and can handle the fluctuation in temperatures.

Image alt text goes here
Summon nature inside and transform space with the Mawnan Planter. The Mawnan's handy steam bent ash handle makes it easy to style in hallway spaces.
Tom Raffield Mawnan Planter
Whether tabletop or suspended from above, the Mawnan Planter makes the relocation of your favourite houseplants effortless with its steam bent ash handle.
Tom Raffield Helix Pendant Large
Create a unique entrance with the Arame Pendant. When switched on the Arame covers your interior with layers of bold light and shadows. When switched off, the Arame Pendant is a striking focal point. 

Ensure ample lighting

Autumn provides the perfect time to reconsider lighting options, with the hallway often being the first reached for switch when you arrive home in the dark. Lighting designs that will illuminate your whole space are essential – but this doesn’t necessarily have to be achieved through ceiling pendants. A well-positioned table light, or group of wall lights can be equally as effective at illuminating your hallway and add a cosy, hospitable glow.

Posted: 30.09.21

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