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Savings That Matter: Black Friday 2023

22 November 2023

Let’s make savings with a purpose this Black Friday…

tom raffield in cornwall

As Black Friday approaches, the noise of enticing discounts and “must-have” deals becomes deafening. Yet, in the midst of this frenzy, we invite you to embrace a different kind of saving—one that truly matters. This year, let's prioritise the well-being of our planet and make conscious choices that resonate far beyond fleeting bargains. Instead of being allured into impulsive purchases, join us in caring for the the Earth and investing in designs that will stand the test of time.

Did you know that, on average, around 80% of Black Friday purchases, including their often excessive plastic packaging, end up in landfills after just one use? This shocking statistic highlights the urgent need for a shift in mindset. Together, we can break free from the throwaway culture and make a substantial impact by choosing wisely and living sustainably. Read on how every day we champion sustainable choices, not just over the Black Friday frenzy.

tom raffield workshop

Crafting Sustainable Choice

At Tom Raffield, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a commitment woven into every decision we make. We pride ourselves on crafting pieces with minimal waste, using sustainable materials that leave a lighter footprint on the planet. With this eco mindfulness pursuit, we ensure our commitment to sustainability extends to every part of the Tom Raffield journey – down to the plastic free packaging.

We want to create an experience where every detail reflects our pledge to a brighter future, which is why our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in the materials we use and our chosen crafting practices. From responsibly sourced wood to low waste steam bending methods, each element of our designs is chosen with a keen eye on the environmental impact.

Timeless by Design

tom raffield workshop
tom raffield workshop

Sustainable design doesn’t stop at the materials and crafting process – but how the piece is to be used in the home. Our designs embody the perfect fusion of form and function. Whether it's homeware that seamlessly harmonises itself within your living space or lighting designs that provides the ideal ambiance, our designs are handcrafted to ensure they will proudly suit any interior style for generations to come.

Investing in timeless designs isn't just about aesthetics; it's a conscious choice to reduce the impact of ‘fast’ purchases on our environment. Timeless design requires us to not craft based on what’s 'on trend' but what will always look beautiful, transforming your lighting or homeware design into an heirloom you are honoured to pass down. By choosing Tom Raffield, you're choosing enduring elegance that outlasts fleeting trends.

ash tree

Consciously Planet-First

Quality is at the heart of our philosophy, and we stand behind the longevity of our designs with a lifetime guarantee. We believe in creating pieces that endure, both in terms of style and structural integrity. In a world saturated with disposable goods, our commitment to lifetime design is our pledge to you—a promise that your Tom Raffield piece is crafted to withstand the test of time.

(Image: WWF)
(Image: Ecologi)

Our dedication to environmental responsibility extends beyond our products to the partnerships we've forged. We proudly support a host of planet restoring projects through our partnerships with Ecologi and WWF 2030 circle. Here are some updates of just a few projects we support:

  • Project Earth revisited two tree planting projects within the UK to discover they have over 95% survival rates – an amazing display of thriving trees.
  • Restoring the last fragment of tropical rainforest in Kenya. As part of this project women are establishing their own tree nurseries to diversity their income source. Just 6 months into this project, woman are reporting an amazing, positive, lifestyle shift with more food on the table, and more respect from their community.
  • In May 2023, Ecologi visited Cahalane. Fires are, sadly, a regular occurrence on this site, but thanks to their team’s tireless efforts, the trees are thriving!

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