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Houseplant X Heatwave Survival Guide

21 July 2022

Our top tips to become a diligent plant parent in summer heatwaves…
morvah hanging planter

If you’ve spent Springtime nurturing leafy greens to brighten up your space, a heatwave is not going to be welcome news. With dryer interior conditions, extreme heat, and lower water levels even the most robust plants will struggle.

Read our heatwave plant care guide to discover how to keep your green companions happy.

morvha hanging planter

Keep it cool

Your first instinct may be that your plants will love a higher exposure to light and heat - but whilst plants do thrive in the sun - intense light and temperatures will hinder your plants growth. Create cooler indoor temperatures by closing your windows and curtains between 11am-3pm (the hottest part of the day). This will restrict the sun’s ability to heat up your space and protect any plants from direct rays. Improve airflow by opening windows at the coolest parts of the day to let any fresh evening air in, and the hot air out.

tom raffield maen pot
Temperamental plants will thrive in the Maen Pot as it can be moved to follow the sun's path. 
tom raffield mawnan planter
Portable by design, the Mawnan Planter's thoughtful design allows you to move your greenery out of the intense heat with ease.

If you have any indoor plants positioned by south facing windows you should temporarily move them out of the constant sun. Outdoor plants should also be moved to slightly shadier spots to avoid sunburn in a heatwave. The foliage of your plants will change colour if exposed to too much sun, with leaves turning yellow or white – or if extremely severe, leaves could go brown and crispy.

During a heatwave you should ignore your natural instinct to prune dead leaves from houseplants as they will provide slight shade; temporarily leaving dead leaves will help to protect your soil that little bit more.

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tom raffield green range of indoor planters
The Green Range offers a wide range of designs to suit a myriad of spaces with varying light levels.

Water well

Humans and plants alike need to consume more water during summer months. Water your plants deeply, ensuring all the soil gets hydrated. As temperatures rise, your plants will drink more water, so consistent checks will be needed – just be careful to not overdo it as you’ll risk causing root rot.

Consider the time of day you are watering your plants. Ideally, watering should take place at the coolest part of the day, so either in the morning or evenings – or both if your plant is really thirsty! Arm yourself with a mister to boost water vapours when the air gets dry. This is extremely helpful to keep tropical plants happy and hydrated.

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Well suited to tropical, trailing plants, the Morvah Hanging Planter hangs your greenery at the perfect height. 

Listen to your plants

Recognise stress signs in each plant. Sunburn, wilting, changing shape or colour can all be signs that your plant is not coping well in a heatwave. Relocate your plant and check water levels to revive it to its full glory.

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Brighten up your walls with fresh pops of green, housed in the Maya Wall Planter.
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The Mylor Bowl can be angled upon it's sustainably sourced wooden plinth to suit your interior needs.

Don’t repot your plants during a heatwave. If your thriving plant is ready for a new, larger home, wait until average temperatures resume to avoid causing any extra stress to your plants.

Posted: 21.07.22

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