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New in: Table Top Accessories

26 June 2020

Meet our Tilner Mirror and Mawnan Planter - brand new, steam bent accessories designed especially for small spaces. 

These new small-scale designs showcase our signature, handcrafted aesthetic, add the perfect finishing touches to any room and make perfect feel-good, sustainable gifts for loved ones.

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Effortlessly elegant, our free standing oak Tilner Mirror is a minimalist design worthy of reflection.
Inspired by nature, shaped by steam, curated by you. Our new versatile Mawnan Planter joins our ever popular collection of Green Range Planters.

Versatile and portable by design, the Mawnan Planter can be situated in a table-top position or suspended by its braided rope.
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The Tilner Mirror looks particularly striking displayed on our ash wood Tor Twist Shelf.

A perfect balance of steam bent ash wood and ceramic earthenware, the Mawnan makes for the perfect place to display trailing houseplants. Suspend alone in small spaces or display a few together for a curated statement.
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Top of the tables: the Mawnan is a portable, compact planter suited well to small interior spaces in need of some greenery.
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A sleek crescent of steam bent oak shoulders a striking rounded mirror. The Tilner offers a dedicated space to get ready for the day ahead.
A biophilic duo: the Mawnan Planter looks great suspended in pairs and planted with trailing, air-purifying greenery.
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Handcrafted from sustainably sourced, steam bent ash wood each Mawnan Planter features an eye-catching, functional handle. Celebrating the different tones and colouration of ash, each planter is completely unique.
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An ideal place to grow fresh herbs such as mint or basil, the wooden Mawnan Planter looks striking in a kitchen setting.
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Portable by design - display the Mawnan Planter in a hallway, bedroom or living space to summon nature inside.
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Showcasing confident, bold curves of sustainably sourced oak, the Tilner Mirror is a portable, versatile piece designed for smaller spaces.
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The perfect dressing table companion, the standalone Tilner Mirror is practical as well as aesthetically beautiful. 
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Where traditional craftsmanship and innovative design fuse, The Green Range breathes new life.
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Celebrate natural beauty with our brand new Tilner Mirror.
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Summon nature inside and transform your space with the help of our versatile Mawnan Planters.










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Discover our new-in accessories...unique, steam bent, wooden indoor planters to adorn small living spaces and portable standalone mirrors to invite light into your home.

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