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Making Waves...

26 August 2021

Meet our Coastal-Inspired Lighting Designs.
Drift Pendant in Nanskerris

It’s no secret that our designs are often inspired by the Cornish coastline that surrounds our studios in Falmouth, Cornwall. With a multitude of world-famous sandy beaches, rugged cliff faces and Atlantic tides to connect us to our surroundings, it's a theme that runs through many of our iconic wooden lighting designs.

Here’s a round-up of our favourite coastal designs…

Tom Raffield Drift Pendant

Drift Pendant

Inspired by the comforting, endless forms of Atlantic Ocean waves which dance and roll amongst themselves into the tide, The Drift Pendant provides harmony, whilst softening spaces with its infinite form.

Six swells of sustainable, steam bent oak or walnut wood rise up and flow in undulating grace to create the Drift Pendant. Interwoven and underpinned by brass rivets to a striking central structure of seasoned plywood, each hand-crafted timber wave bends to mesmerise and delight. Casting shadows that seamlessly float and settle in buoyant tranquillity, the Drift Pendant creates a light show that disperses softly; rippling, cresting, and breaking around the room, then pooling in tidal calm.

Best suited to spaces that are calling out for some relaxation and comfort, the Drift Pendant looks especially good in bedrooms and living areas.

Drift Pendant above bed
TR Styling Tip - Invite serenity. Style the neutral wooden tones of the Drift Pendant with gentle pastel tones to create a calm bedroom space.
Duo of Tom Raffield Drift Pendant
TR Styling Tip - To create depth and interest, layer two different tones of Drift Ceiling Pendants in your favourite area to relax.

Leven Floor Light

Inspired by the natural layers and structure showcased in the ridged headlands of the North Coast of Cornwall, the Leven Drum Floor Light brings power and confidence to any interior. Capturing the essence of strong, sea-worn rock tiers, the Leven Drum Floor Light’s unique form demands a second look.

Tom Raffield Leven Floor Light
TR Styling Tip - Place the Leven Drum Floor Light by your well-loved reading nook, to warmly illuminate specific areas.

Meaning ‘level’ in Cornish, the Leven Drum Floor Light is handcrafted using four tiers of curving oak or walnut timber that climb a central plywood frame summit. Secured at the seams with five brass accented rivets, each arching layer of sustainably sourced wood builds a balanced silhouette of careful craftsmanship.

Tom Raffield Leven Floor Light and Drum Pendant
Pairing perfectly with the Leven Drum Pendant, the Leven Drum Floor Light cast a warm glow across the entire interior, providing beautiful illumination.

Perfectly suited to bedrooms or living spaces that are in need of some enhanced, layers of lighting, the Leven Drum Floor Light illuminates specific areas and adds to current task lighting.

Duo of Neap Wall Lights

Neap Wall Light

Taking inspiration from the form of unique waves and the pull of tidal motion, the Neap Wall Light stands out with inviting character. The effortless form of the Neap Wall Light embodies the flow of the Atlantic Ocean perfectly. When illuminated, the handcrafted design showcases the distinctive patterns found in sustainably sourced wood.

Tom Raffield Neap Wall Light
TR Styling Tip - Create the illusion of space with the Neap Wall Light placed on a dark wall, the light that flows out of the handcrafted design adds depth to any interior.

Tracing from crest to trough, a single piece of sustainably sourced oak or walnut wood seamlessly intertwines to form an enigmatic wall light. Mirroring the moon’s gravitational pull over the tide, the Neap Wall Light’s wooden silhouette showcases continuity. The Neap’s elegant form carves a perfectly balanced path of light to brighten above and below. An intuitive lighting design that sweeps a soft ambient glow to far corners and suits an array of spaces.

Most suited to bedrooms, hallways or dining areas in which a pair or set of Neap Wall Lights can provide a composed lighting effect.

Cape Pendant

The rush of a wave flows through each billowing layer of the Cape Pendant. Inspired by the rolling waves, each curve grows and descends out of the strong base, mimicking the flowing motion of Atlantic tides.

Tom Raffield Cape Pendant
Soften spaces with the gentle, handcrafted curves of the Cape Pendant.
Tom Raffield Cape Pendant
TR Styling Tip - Mix and match soft bends of the Cape Pendant and the angular, vertical Merryn Floor Standing Planter to create a textured aesthetic in your space.

Handcrafted timber peaks and barrels. In its folds, light gathers, and shadows are cast, creating focus and atmosphere. Sustainably sourced ash, oak, or walnut loop in layers to compliment, emphasise or elevate the space it claims.

Suiting spaces that are in need of an eye-catching ceiling pendant that will fill the interior with a warm glow, such as bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas.

Urchin Table Light

Tom Raffield Urchin Table Light
Bringing table-top illumination, the Urchin Table Light brings fun and comfort to a wide range of interiors.

Inspired by the organic, natural shapes that are found along our surrounding Cornish beaches, the Urchin Table Light softens spaces with gentle forms and warm light. Inviting playfulness and fond coastal memories, the Urchin Table light provides guests a warm welcome, invoking the feeling of comfort.

Tom Raffield Urchin Table Light
TR Styling Tips - Break the rules. Suspending an unusual light shade lower will draw eyes around your space, from the floor to ceiling.

Thirty two taut curves fused together with laser cut birch plates, carefully manipulated to conceal the bulb. Sustainable oak or walnut sees light escape through the seams, creating pools of brightness in the dark.

Sitting perfectly in places of solace and relaxation, the Urchin Table Light suits hallways, and bedrooms alike.

Tom Raffield Arame Wall Light

Arame Wall Light

Inspired by the unexpected patterns found within nature, the Arame Wall Light makes a bold statement of personality, whilst showcasing the unusual ways in which nature displays itself.

Tom Raffield Arame Wall Light
A showstopping design, the Arame Wall Light puts your wall space in the spotlight.
Trio of Arame Wall Lights
TR Styling Tip - Use a cluster of Arame Wall Lights to illuminate your space instead of a ceiling light for an usual yet enthralling display of light and shadows.

Elemental, geometric, sequential. A surge of optical energy; a silhouette of sustainable craftsmanship. Switched on or off, boundless shadows unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation creating an extraordinary spectacle in your space. When illuminated, an abundance of golden glow diffuses from the Arame's steam bent core - casting an aura of light that's truly transfixing.

The Arame Wall Light fills spaces with confidence and depth, suiting interiors that thrive off energy such as entrance ways, kitchens and home office areas.

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