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Lookbook: No.1 Lighting Range

3 January 2019

Iconic. Enigmatic. Eye-catching. The No.1 Pendant has been capturing our imaginations for nearly ten years. It's time to turn the spotlight back to our first ever light, and explore its unique journey.

A true icon, the No.1 Pendant is a nest of infinite bends.

The No.1 Pendant in its original size, Giant and Giant XL, which uses over 100 metres of steam bent ash, oak or walnut.
workshop bends
Only a small number of our team are skilled enough to produce the endless delicate bends of the No.1 Pendant.
Steam bend tube
After they have braved a carefully calculated amount of time in the steamer, we wind the timber used for the No.1 Pendant around tubes of metal to create our signature bends.

Once steamed, each individual piece of timber is wound around a handmade wooden ball to create the internal structure of the light. Layers of ash, oak or walnut wood are then continuously added and interwoven until the desired aesthetic has been reached. Every No.1 Pendant has a completely unique look due to the labour intensive and creative making method.

"The No.1 Pendant has a special status here at Tom Raffield. This is not only due to it being the first light we ever designed, but also because we see it as the pinnacle of our craftsmanship. The current version of the No.1 is our best yet, as we have used thicker pieces of timber to create its denser, more captivating aesthetic."

- Founder, Tom Raffield.
The No.1 Giant Pendant is re-imagined in our Noctis Range, where ebonised bends bring a daring darkness to a timeless classic.
no. 1 blue
Hanging against a royal blue background, the No.1 Pendant inspires regality.
hanging close up
Steam bent pieces of timber ebb and flow, creating a myriad of textures through which light and warmth escape from within.
moody no.1
The twists and turns of sustainable oak, ash or walnut cast their shadows upon the wall, drawing the eye and enchanting space.

Over 100 metres of steam bent timber endlessly weave to envelop the light. A feat of design and a triumph of our craft, the No.1 Lighting Range is deemed iconic for a reason.
Noctis trio
A trio of Noctis No.1 Giant Pendants.
noctis photoshoot
The Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant takes centre stage at our Noctis photoshoot and yields a moody, glamourous ambience to its setting.

The No.1 Pendant has been on quite a journey since its conception nearly ten years ago. From London department stores to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the No.1 Pendant has become accustomed to rubbing shoulders with those at the pinnacle of design.

Chelsea flower show
The No.1 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.
jardin blanc
The bespoke installation of ash, oak and walnut No.1 Pendants we created for Raymond Blanc's Jardin Blanc at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018.
trebah 1
A bespoke No.1 structure hangs at Trebah Gardens.
trebah 2
Bespoke No.1 Pendants were used as part of an installation at Trebah Gardens.

Posted: 03.01.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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