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Lookbook: The Green Range

A steam bent wooden frame, a sculpted earthenware bowl, nature in the spotlight. Our Green Range breathes new life.
Green Range

Inspired by nature and shaped by steam our Green Range is a testament to the values we hold closest to our hearts. Our passion for sustainability and commitment to environmental responsibility led us to place nature at the forefront of our Morvah and Merryn designs. We're taking an in-depth look at the Green Range planters and the journey we undertook to create some of our bestselling and sought-after products. 

Shaped by steam, the blades of our Merryn Floor Standing Planter are twisted and manipulated into position by a member of our workshop team.
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Precision, accuracy and an eye for detail; a member of our expert design team demands perfection from the oak frame of a Morvah Hanging Planter.
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Steam rises as a piece of timber is emblazoned with the iconic Tom Raffield branding.
A potter shapes the earthenware bowl that rests in the frame of our Green Range planters.

Our Green Range was conceived from the desire to bring nature back to the forefront of interior design and into homes worldwide. Creating a new product that celebrated bringing plants inside, Biophilic design and showcasing mother nature's finest creations was our way of giving something back to the natural world that inspires all that we do.

Handmade at Keramica, one of Stoke on Trent's most highly regarded potteries, the earthenware bowls that rest in our planters are a feat of design themselves and marry seamlessly with our handcrafted ethos. 

Green fingers planting an earthenware Merryn pot.
Any combination of herbs or houseplants can be grown in one of our Morvah Hanging Planters.
Our Morvah Hanging Planter looks great in any room, but can be particularly functional in your kitchen, where fresh herbs can be planted within reach without taking up extra space on your units.
Fresh herbs, such as the basil pictured above, are ideal for our Morvah Ceiling or Wall Hanging Planters.

The Biophilic design trend is one that we champion here at Tom Raffield. Our recent Q&A with industry expert Oliver Heath gave further insight into how plants can be used in a number of ways to improve your health and well-being.

Aiding relaxation, decreasing stress and even recuperating our physical and mental ability, the benefits of introducing plants to your interior are numerous. Our Green Range represents a stylish, innovative way to blend indoors and outdoors for symbiotic harmony in your home.

The vertical twists of our Merryn Floor Standing Planter Short are inspired by blades of grass found in the woods and fields near our workshop in South West Cornwall.
Our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planters look effective hung in pairs, at different heights, to break up your space and create an eye-catching feature.
Aloe Vera plants and succulents such as the cactus pictured above are easy to maintain, needing minimal water to thrive indoors.

Our Green Range - inspired by nature, shaped by steam, breathing new life.

"A celebration of sustainable, Biophilic design and
traditional craftsmanship, The Green Range is born from the nature that inspires it”

- Tom Raffield, Founder.

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