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Lookbook: Leven Lighting Range

25 June 2021

Explore our latest artisan designs to join our collection of unique, handcrafted wooden lighting...

Leven Drum pendant


Inspired by the striking formations of smooth, sea-eroded cliff faces and ridged headlands that distinguish the north coast of Cornwall, the Leven Lighting Range effortlessly elevates space with its tiered drum aesthetic.

Leven range
Meaning ‘level’ in Cornish, the Leven Range is handcrafted using four tiers of curving oak or walnut timber that climb a central plywood frame summit.

Leven pendant oak
The Leven Drum Pendant Large stands out within any space, creating a show stopping moment of vertical lines and bold geometry.
Leven pendant walnut
Use to illuminate hallways, living spaces and bedrooms alike, the Leven’s timeless drum aesthetic creates versatile lighting effects suited to a myriad of interiors.
Leven pendant oak
Switched on or off the Leven Drum Pendant Large adds depth and drama to your interiors. With a gentle directional light flowing out of each layer, the Leven Drum Pendant Large subtly enhances interior features.
Leven pendant
Tom has brought simple yet refined silhouettes to the collection with the new Leven Lighting Range, a striking but subtle affair that hints at both Scandinavian and Art Deco aesthetics.
Leven floor
Arched in tension, each tiered timber level that makes up the Leven Floor Light's drum shape is held securely at the seams by five brass accented rivets to produce a glowing silhouette of ambient illumination.
Leven floor
Comes with assembled tripod legs in matching sustainably sourced oak or walnut.
Leven floor
Layer your space with the soft glow created by the Leven Drum Floor Light. 

Leven small pendant


The horizontal grain of the sustainably sourced timber, married with the vertical lines of the shade create a sense of strength and confidence that will elevate your interior. 

Leven small pendant
Walnut is our darkest wood type. When illuminated it turns a rich golden colour, contrasting with the silhouetted dark exterior and producing stunning warmth and shadows.
Leven small pendant
The Tom Raffield quality flows through each handcrafted design, down to the finishing touches. 
Leven pendant small

Artfully marrying contrasting materials of hand curved oak or walnut wood and sleek brass, this modern tiered drum design has all the hallmarks of a future classic.

Leven small pendant
When illuminated, oak, produces a striking contrast between the inner golden glow and darker wood outside. Used in quality furniture production our oak timber suits many interior styles and decoration schemes.
Leven pendant
Created with a unique 'dry construction' process to ensure each light can be easily repaired, the Leven Lighting Collection will last for generations to come and become an heirloom of the future.
Leven pendant small
A supple slice of smooth, sustainably sourced oak or walnut wood arches around an intricate laser cut birch ply frame to create a small-space lighting design worthy of illumination.
Leven drum small
Each design in Tom Raffield's handcrafted product range is hand-shaped using sustainable wood into sculptural pieces of art using a pioneering and ecological form of steam bending. 
  • Add confidence to your space with the structured layers of the Leven Wall Light. 

  • Subtle slithers of light and comforting shadows will enhance your interior.

  • Bring the sculptural beauty of the coastal inspired Leven Wall Light into your room. 

Leven wall
Sustainably sourced oak or walnut loop in layers to compliment, emphasise or elevate the space it claims.
Leven wall lights
Working beautifully in pairs, but equally striking as a standalone design, the Leven Wall Light contrasts beautifully with a darker background, allowing the illumination to shine to perfection. 
Leven wall light
Suited to lower ceiling heights and smaller interiors, this flush variation of the Leven Pendant offers the same modern aesthetic and appeal as its full-sized counterpart, without taking up too much space.
Leven flush small
The Leven Flush Ceiling Light is a welcome edition to smaller interiors with lower ceilings that are in need of some directional light.
Leven flush small
Dramatic shadows are projected onto the ceiling as pools of comforting light flood out of every layer, warming up every corner of the room.
  • Available in two different sizes, the Leven Flush Light is a versatile piece, suited to an array of small-space interiors. 

  • A supple slice of smooth, sustainably sourced oak or walnut wood arches around an intricate laser cut birch ply frame. 

  • The Leven Large Flush Ceiling Light is a compact lighting design worthy of illumination.

Leven Table Light
The Leven Table Light, available in oak and walnut wood, brings a warm glow whilst projecting beautiful gentle light across the space. 
Image 1 alt text goes here
Supported by the laser cut base, the Leven Table Light showcases the strength of layered lighting.
Leven Table Light
Four layers of sustainably sourced wood, wrap around a central frame and partially exposed the bulb to elevate your interior.
Leven Table Light
The Leven Table Light illuminates your favourite nook to read a good book after a long day.
Leven Pendant Light Small
Made with smaller spaces in mind, the Leven Pendant Small is perfect for hanging in multiples to illuminate kitchens, dining rooms and hallways, or curating your own cluster lighting look.
Leven Pendant Light Small
The Leven Pendant Small creates a soft spotlight to accentuate the favourite features of your space.
Leven Pendant Light Small
Get the most out of your bedside table by leaving the surface free for your favourite objects and hang a space-saving Leven Pendant Small.

Leven pendant smallAvailable in sustainably sourced oak or walnut, the Leven Pendant Small is well suited for spaces needing additional task lighting.


Leven flush

Glow beyond. Elevate your interior.

Each new Leven luminaire, celebrates paired-back structural beauty with its tiered, timeless drum shape. Use to illuminate hallways, living spaces and bedrooms alike.

Posted: 25.06.21
Updated: 08.06.23

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