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Lookbook: Coexistence Showroom Takeover

24 October 2018

We've taken over the leading, independent showroom, Coexistence, in the very heart of London to celebrate biophilic design in the workplace and the launch of our exclusive, brand new lighting collections.
Tom Raffield takes over the Coexistence Showroom on Upper Street in Islington.

"The opportunity to partner with Coexistence was one we simply could not surpass. The Coexistence showroom is the perfect place to view our expansive steam bent furniture and lighting collections and a great place to take an exciting sneak preview of our upcoming launches. We are looking forward to entertaining guests, contract clients and press contacts alike and showcasing what we do best: creating handcrafted, iconic heirlooms of the future".

- Founder, Tom Raffield.
A bespoke Beeble Pouffe, Arbor Armchair, Large Harlyn Mirror and Arame Pendants catch the eye of London commuters.
You can book an appointment to visit our Coexistence showroom takeover until 9th November 2018.
A handcrafted, steam bent ash tree with suspended Quill 325 and Quill 550 Pendants fills the foyer of Coexistence Ltd.
Underneath our Quill 550 Oak Pendant.

From Ceiling to Wall and Floor Standing designs that summon nature inside, our Green Range has something to suit every space.
green range and modum
Our striking Arame Wall Lights fill a full-length wall at the back of the Coexistence showroom.
Arbor armchair
A powerful curve of steam bent wood bonds structure and aesthetic. Marrying Tom Raffield craftsmanship with Danish design principles, our Arbor Armchair defies nature with startling simplicity.
modum shadow
When illuminated, an abundance of golden glow diffuses from the Arame Wall Light's steam bent core - casting an aura of light that's truly transfixing.
urchin table lights
The full Tom Raffield range is available to view including our new Urchin Table Lights in Oak and Walnut woods.
quill tree
By working closely with architects, designers and end user clients to understand their brief, Coexistence are able to offer considered solutions, from furniture and lighting selection through to delivery and project management, with dedicated after-care support following completion.
Our brand new Noctis Range is also available to view at the Coexistence showroom - including our ebonised No.1 Pendant. Invite darkness into the light. 
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With an elegant, customisable design that invites personalisation, each pendant on our Noctis Urchin Small Cluster can be suspended at a different height allowing a showstopping configuration to take charge of your space.
Featherlight, our signature curves soar in full flight formation. Light glides through folds of looping, layered plumage of oak or walnut wood. Shadows swoop in weightless undulations. Delicate and intricate in perfect measure, the Quill Pendant celebrates aerial elevation.
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Summon nature inside, transform space. The pinch of a potter’s hand, the sculpting skill in a steam benders twist. Where traditional craftsmanship and innovative design fuse, The Green Range breathes new life.
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Merryn Floor Standing Planters stand shoulder to shoulder next to a trio of Beeble Pouffes and a Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter filled with a trailing succulent.
quill tree
An eye-catching bespoke installation featuring Quill Pendants from our Modum Lighting Range forms the centre piece for the Coexistence showroom space.
Celebrating nature’s formations. Taking inspiration from the organic shapes, movements and sequential patterns that surround us, The Modum Range invites you to put nature back in the spotlight.
Image 1 alt text goes here
Beeble Pouffe, Coat Loop, Crib Bench, Taffrail. Our conversation-sparking furniture pieces are designed to bring a twist to your space.
Noctis Kern
The Kern’s minimalist, steam bent shape takes on a sleek new identity. Demanding precision, strength and craftsmanship to achieve its smooth circumference, the result is modern, architectural, powerful. With exposed flex tethering five bulbs to its ebonised oak frame, our Noctis Kern Pendant ensures your space is remembered.
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The perfect place to sit and watch the world go by. Our Arbor Armchair, Twill Coat Stand and Beeble Pouffe create a showstopping window display.
table lights
Our range of Pendant and Table Lights fill the Coexistence showroom and cast an ambient, warming glow.
green range
Our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planters filled with a range of succulent, cacti and ferns create a space that celebrates biophillic design in the workplace.
crib bench
An Upholstered Crib Bench in bespoke fabric stands proud in the Coexistence showroom corridor and creates a focal point between the adjoining spaces.
flock decoration
Wooden wings, weightless to the eye. Our Giant Flock Chandelier components are handmade from ash, oak and walnut wood and have been designed to create intricate shadows that mimic the flight of starlings.
arame wall
Elemental, geometric, sequential. A surge of optical energy; a silhouette of sustainable craftsmanship. Switched on or off our Arame Wall Lights create boundless shadows that unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation.
Noctis Wheal Floor
An arching curve of steam bent, ebonised oak towers up from a sleek brass base plate. An alluring contrast of deep black and lustrous, polished metal. Modern. Refined. Enticing. Our Noctis Wheal Floor Light puts the lustre back in illumination and brings sophistication into any space.
Elegant curves draw together and radiate out again in captivating fashion. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced oak and featuring signature twists at its top, the Twill Coat Stand showcases steam bending craftsmanship at its very best.
green range
The Green Range: a celebration of biophillic design that promises to summon nature inside.

Posted: 24.10.18
Updated: 16.04.21

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