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How to: Mid-century Style

10 June 2022

Honour the past with a 'mid-century modern' twist!
Tom raffield cage floor light

Mid-century style makes for a timeless décor choice. Characterised mainly by angular forms, colourful shades, and plenty of texture the resurgence of mid-century design is warmly welcomed at Tom Raffield. Celebrating design that anticipates the future, whilst honouring the past feels like a perfect suiting for 2022 as we celebrate prosperity through design intended for decades of happiness, as similar sentiments were observed when mid-century design first made its appearance.

Mid-century is continuously well favoured in interior design due to beautifully constructed pieces that are not only functional and efficient, but effortless and attainable. At its core, mid-century design is all about juxtaposition – think sleek, bare lines paired with bold, organic forms. With a focus on functionality, a mid-century interior will be multipurpose, whilst still showcasing style through carefully curated furniture and artisan décor. Read on to be inspired by our mid-century design tips with a modern twist…

tom raffield arbor sofa

Statement seating

When thinking mid-century, the iconic, sleek seating designs are often the first thing on our minds. Soft, upholstered cushions set against a streamlined wooden or metal frame, often held up with pin-style legs, lead the mid-century march, championing the beautiful functionality the design movement is all about. A mid-century inspired furniture piece should celebrate design, craftsmanship and functionality to create true heirlooms that will stand the test of time.

Tom raffield arobr armchair
Get the look – our Arbor Armchair’s striking form provides unparalleled comfort to any mid-century modern inspired interior. 
Tom raffield Arbor armchair
The soft, steam bent, wooden curves invite you in to take a moment of relaxation in the Arbor Armchair.

In full colour

tom raffield yellow interior
Pairing effortlessly with wooden tones, yellow helps create a welcoming home.

Bright shades were signature of the time – confident pops of colour are a great way to introduce mid-century influence without overpowering or compromising your whole interior. Often used as a bold accent or as a way to make your favourite furniture design stand out, colour can be cleverly used to enhance your interior. Prioritise retro colours, like sage green, antique pink, and sunburst yellow to distinguish your space as a modern mid-century oasis.

trio of tom raffield leven pendants
Bringing structure through tiered illumination, the handcrafted Leven Lighting Range makes a bold focal point.

Mix and match

Incorporating different wood types was very popular in mid-century styling – with teak one of the most popular options. Modernise this aesthetic with the similarly deep-toned, walnut wood. An easy way to introduce varying tones is through contrasting ceiling pendants and table lights. Mixing not only woods, but man-made and natural materials is a great way to nod at mid-century style, as well as providing an opportunity to marry your modern designs together with your vintage pieces.

Natural hues and textures

sheepskin rug
The Devonia Sheepskin will add a touch of comfort to your space whilst maintaining their appealing natural shapes.

Find a way to ground your home in nature. If you have large windows that overlook lush greenery, choose an interior colour palette to compliment your view and encourage a sense of harmony between indoor and outdoor. Indoor planters are a great way to introduce nature to your interiors – also allowing you to add a bold pop of greenery too!

tom raffield new maya planter
Adding interest to your walls, the Maya Wall Planter showcases natures colour palette with ease.

The mid-century design is rooted in nature. To allow your chosen bold colours to pop, use a neutral colours as your primary base palette – think off-whites, blacks, and a mix of wooden tones. This not only reinforces the connection to the outside world but allows for a truly timeless interior that will last decades of memories. Organic textures, such as sustainably sourced sheepskin rugs and accessories, are the perfect addition to bring warmth to your mid-century inspired interior.

Posted: 10.06.22
Updated: 10.06.22

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