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Festive Tablescape Styling

30 November 2023

Our tips for creating an unforgettable table scene for Christmas hosting…

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The festive season is upon us, and there's no better time to gather around and share homecooked meals or hosting board game battles to create lasting memories with loved ones. We believe that a tablescape reflects the heart and soul you put into your celebrations. This year, we're diving into the world of tablescape styling with a festive twist, and exploring how to enhance gatherings with thoughtful tabletop displays…

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A statement wooden pendant above your dining table will set the tone for your space whilst illuminating with the perfect glow. 

Setting the scene

First things first, let's talk about the canvas on which you'll create your festive masterpiece – the table. Whether it's your statement coffee table or the elegant dining table, it's essential to start with a clean and tidy surface. After all, the allure of a beautiful tablescape lies in its ability to transform an ordinary space into something truly special, so it always best to start with a clean stage for your treasures.

Bring Nature Indoors

One of our favourite ways to infuse the Christmas spirit into our tablescape is by incorporating natural elements. We love a perfect blend of foraged and bought greenery. A stroll through the woods, paired a visit to the local florist can yield an array of delightful finds. Think pinecones and holly when strolling through the beautiful British countryside. Arrange them in vases, versatile tabletop pots, or scatter them across the table, and instantly, you'll have a touch of nature's charm.

tom raffield mylor bowl
Create a natural centrepiece with the adjustable Mylor Bowl.
tom raffield tablescape
Layer lush greens in the Kyru Vase Trio Set to soften your tablescape.

Vases can be your best friend when it comes to tablescape styling. They not only hold your greenery but also serve as stunning centrepieces. We love mixing and matching different shapes and sizes. Our Kyru Vases are a thoughtful addition, enhancing your tablescape with a touch of sophistication. Fill them with seasonal blooms or let them stand alone as a statement piece.

Glowing Ambiance

Scented candles and table lights are secret weapons when it comes to setting the perfect mood. Choose scents that evoke the warmth and cosiness of the season – cinnamon, vanilla, or woody notes are great to include. Scatter them across the table within in elegant candleholders for a soft, inviting glow.

To make it extra special, consider using a unique wooden table light, which add a touch of organic beauty to the scene. Sculptural tabletop designs will add personality to your tablescape, whilst illuminating your festive activities with a delightful balance of light and shadow.

The Final Flourish

To truly complete your festive tablescape, don't forget to pay attention to the details. Think about the tableware, napkins, and even small ornaments that can add that extra dash of Christmas magic. Earthy tones, metallic accents, or a splash of Christmassy colours can all work wonders. A thoughtful tablescape not just about making it look beautiful; it's about creating a space where cherished moments are shared, and memories are made.

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Posted: 30.11.23
Updated: 01.12.23

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