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Ecologi: Two Years On

12 August 2022

As our Ecologi forest blossoms, so does our commitment to protecting the planet…

Joining over 13,000 likeminded businesses we joined Ecologi with one common goal in mind – caring for our natural world. From Hazel trees planted in Cheltenham to aiding the protection of Peruvian amazon, working alongside Ecologi, we are able to support global missions to assist the planet’s recovery. Read on to discover more about our 2 year journey with Ecologi…



Replenishing the world’s forests is at the heart of Ecologi, and as you can imagine, right up our street. Working alongside Protect Earth, new trees have been planet nationwide on our behalf – from Scotland to the Cotswolds, these trees are creating a huge impact. British wildlife heavily relies on forest cover, so replanting our forests will save hundreds of habitats and allow species to return to the wild.

Preventing the destruction of forests is just as important as replenishing forests. A major project we have funded through Ecologi is preventing deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Characterised by its rich, lush rainforests and range of natural inhabitants, this ecosystem is fundamental to the planet. This prevention project also holds a responsibility commitment, with a pledge to build schools, health centres, and transportation for the surrounding communities. This project alone will prevent over 175,000,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions over its 31-year lifespan.

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As the demand for electricity in India has nearly doubled in the past couple of years (due to both economic and population growth), using renewable sources is vital for keeping rising global temperatures under the 1.5c target. Hydropower is a great way to move India away from its reliance on coal. Every year, 17,614 tCO2e will be prevented from being emitted by this hydropower plant.

Another renewable energy source that will help us as a planet move away from fossil fuels is solar power. With its hot temperatures, low rainfalls and dry weather, Egypt makes the perfect home for large solar power projects. A consistent supply of solar energy will balance out the current supply and demand gap, aiding the economy.



Making the smallest of changes can often have the biggest impact. Ecologi are currently supporting two cookstoves projects in Ghana and Zambia. These projects both aim to provide communities with more fuel-efficient cooking methods to reduce the amount of air pollution created and biomass used currently. With a lower cost to the families, and reduced exposure to damaging pollutants, these projects will create strong communities, and healthier people.

With an ongoing goal to protect and restore habitats, every project does all that is possible to help local environments thrive and grow. Peatland is a valuable wetland ecosystem which can support a lot of trees and vegetation. Ecologi monitor and manage these wetlands, ensuring they are maintaining manageable conditions to grow and thrive.

tom raffield

We can’t wait to see what our next year of Ecologi holds. The future is looking bright (and green)!

Posted: 12.08.22
Updated: 12.08.22

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