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Dopamine Décor

8 September 2023

The art of styling your home from the soul…

Drift Pendant

Every corner of our home reflects not just our tastes, but our souls. With the rise of Dopamine Décor, we are joyed to see a style that advocates for curating a sanctuary that truly reflects who you are. For those who are unsure where to begin, we have created a guide to infusing your interior with positivity, creativity, and an essence that nurtures well-being. Read on to explore the art of styling a home that goes beyond aesthetics and dives into character filled interiors.

grand designs home
The Lundy Shelf holds your treasures with pride, framed with steam bent twists of ash wood.

Curating Moments

Our home is more than just an arrangement of furniture; it's the backdrop for decades of memories to come. Every nook and cranny of your home tells a story – from the cosy reading corner where you unwind on your armchair, with a cup of tea, to the gallery wall adorned with wooden art that sparks conversation when hosting. Incorporating unique layers, a range of materials, and varying form throughout your space will help set the mood for your gatherings, adding personality where needed.

river coffee table
Let conversation flow naturally with the curving, statement River Coffee Table. 

The Power of Personal Connection

In a world filled with fleeting trends, we've learned the value of crafting a space that speaks to our hearts. Our home is a canvas where we can express ourselves, with each carefully chosen piece adding another chapter to our home’s journey. From steam bent wooden shelving to dynamic lighting, each item introduced into a home should resonate with your values and passions.

merther bowl
Curate a soothing self care sanctuary versatile homeware that encourages calm.
housel small
Put your beloved items on full display with open shelving, such as the Housel Shelf Small.

From displaying treasures from memories with loved ones, to your newest tool that transforms your daily routine, personal connection will depend on what holds a special place in your heart, and in turn, your home.

arame wall light
Sequential form and organic pattern will bring your walls to life through the Arame Wall Light

Crafting Ambiance with light

Incorporate various light sources to create layers of ambiance. Pendant lights suspended over a dining table will cast a warm, intimate glow during gatherings, while floor lamps in cosy corners invite us in for an evening with our favourite book. This balancing act of light will create a home that not only feeds the soul with welcoming personality but is functional too.

flock chandelier
Throughout the day, the Flock Chandelier is awe inspiring display of waterfalling wooden form. 
flock chandelier
By night, the Flock Chandelier illuminates with a mesmerising display of light and shadow. 

Consider how your design impacts your space in the daytime too by introducing lighting pieces that double as wooden works of art. Consider statement chandeliers that celebrate the beauty of natures forms, or sculptural wall lights that ignite conversation. This will fill your home with pieces that don’t just emit light but cast visual interest and layers of character to your space.

Harmony with Nature

morvah planter
Add a breath of fresh air to your space with a flourishing houseplant. 

One of the fundamental principles that will always provide a burst of joy is harmony with nature. Our connection to the natural world is something we hold dear here at Tom Raffield. We're always incorporating lush greenery and sustainable materials into our décor, creating a serene oasis that grounds us amidst a busy daily routine. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about soothing our souls with the calming presence of nature.

vase trio
Homing your favourite bunch of fresh blooms, the Kyru Trio Vase Set is a natural centrepiece. 

Dopamine décor embraces unique design with open arms by honouring the handcrafted journey your piece has travelled. Introduce pieces into your home that tell a story through organic form, which will add unexpected beauty to your space.

Posted: 08.09.23

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