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Cosy Christmas Gift Guide

17 November 2022

Your presents is cordially invited…

tom raffield meru trio peg rail

Gift with confidence this year with sustainable designs that will be cherished for decades of happy memories. With the “buy less, buy better” ethos being more prevalent than ever this year, our Cosy Christmas Gift Guide showcases handcrafted gifts that are planet (and budget) friendly…

Illuminated joy

For recent home movers, or avid design lovers, a new handcrafted lighting design is the perfect gift. From cosy reading-nook table lights to a sculptural pendant that illuminates with a calming glow, the right design can light up the room, and the faces of happy loved ones, with the flick of the switch.

shore pendant

Shore Pendant – Well suited to spaces of solace, the Shore Pendant graces interiors with curving, coastal-inspired form. A soothing interpretation of barrelling waves, the Shore’s enveloping sustainably sourced ash, oak, or walnut is hand curved to provide a wooden lampshade that is different from every angle.

tom raffield verso table light
tom raffield skipper pendants

Verso Table Light - Looping to create eye-catching asymmetry, the Verso Table Light is cleverly crafted from one continuous length of sustainably sourced timber that soars around the warm glow of an exposed bulb to cast a beautiful blend of light and shadow across your table top. Igniting creativity within your space, the Verso design looks different from every angle and exhibits its varying form to add playful personality to a wide range of interiors.

Skipper Pendant - Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merged. In the Skipper, sustainable ash, oak, or walnut is hand-shaped to create an open light that casts out and up, in a bright, bold contrast of light and shadow.

tom raffield light collection

Semper Pendant - The versatile Semper Pendant can be positioned to eclipse its bulb by aligning all three layers in a horizontal ‘drum’ formation to create dramatic downlighting or angled to guide focused beams of light by tilting each section to release a bright, directional display wherever you need it.

Hanter Table Light - Sustainably sourced oak arches into a solid timber base. Along its curve, an exposed flex traces into a brass fitting, bringing a modern accent to a timeless, natural form. Radiating light in all directions, the Hanter blends an inviting ambience with a sharp design aesthetic.

Small but mighty

All good things come in small packages. Compact, feel-good gifts are a great way to show someone you understand their needs whilst respecting their space. Explore our compact, versatile designs that will are the perfect gift for multifunctional spaces or busy homes.

maen pot

Maen Pot - Understated yet playful, the Maen Pot’s multifunctional design provides an endless array of uses. The tactile, earthenware ceramic bowl featuring two looping, tan leather handles can be utilised in a wide array of interiors from living spaces to kitchens and bathrooms.

Laris Wall Hook - With versatility in its nature, the Laris Wall Hook makes every inch of your wall space work hard. These useful pegs are built on a foundation of sustainably sourced ash wood, with a loop of robust leather secured by a brushed brass tipped wooden peg, allowing you to hang, drape or thread your wears.

kyru vase short and wheal table light
tom raffield mylor bowl

Kyru Vase Short - Brightening up any interior, the contemporary, curving form plays perfect host to fresh blooms or dried flowers. Sitting proudly upon mantlepieces, tabletops, or shelves the Kyru Vase Short is a striking centrepiece that suits a multitude of spaces.

Mylor Bowl - The Mylor Bowl can be angled to proudly display its contents or carried by the twin looping leather tan handles to move it from room-to-room. From salad or fruit to houseplants and herbs, the Mylor Bowl’s elegant aesthetic provides the perfect space to elevate everyday home essentials in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

laris wall hook

The softest touch

Gift the gift of comfort this year. Whether your giftee’s interior is bold and beautiful or a neutral wonderland, textiles will add feelings of tranquillity and relaxation. For interiors calling out for a touch of cosiness, an upholstered piece or sheepskin present can make a house a home.

Beeble Pouffe – Conjure up comfort with the Beeble Pouffe’s unique design. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood and featuring a leather handle detail, the Beeble comes upholstered in the highest quality, contract grade wool, complementary to the Tom Raffield collection.


beeble pouffe

Devonia Sheepskin – Layer the Devonia Sheepskin over your statement seating or on your bedroom floor for layers of luxury. Devonia sheepskins are renown for being incredibly durable and for maintaining their appealing natural shapes.

Arbor Armchair - Our Arbor Armchair invites you to take a moment for yourself and feel the expert craftsmanship beneath your fingers. Demanding the concentration of three skilled makers, solid Pyrénéen oak yields with breathtaking results.

tom raffield arbor sofa

Tabletop Delights

Create a unique tablescape to ignite conversation as you host loved ones this festive season. Functional art is the most effective way to utilise precious table space, whether your counter holds a dynamic table lighting design or a home for thriving greenery.

Wheal Table Light - An alluring contrast of wood and metal. Modern. Refined. Enticing. Clasped in a polished brass fitting, bright light catches and bounces off its surface, while its stem positions light at just the right height for illuminating a side table or desk.

Artus Table Light - Fine, ethereal dowel is slotted into a laser-cut birch ply base to shroud an exposed filament bulb. Intricately placed, each illuminated pillar distributes kaleidoscopic, vertical shadows that mesmerise the eye of the beholder. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood.

wheal table light
artus table light

Mantol Planter - A play of balance, the Mantol Planter’s beauty lies in its simplicity. Rooted by a graceful steam bent hoop of sustainably sourced oak, the Mantol’s elevated earthenware vessel can be tilted on its base to allow optimum light levels to reach your foliage, whether you choose to display it as a table planter or floor planter.

Kyru Trio Vase Set - A harmonious trio of handcrafted vases, the Kyru Trio Vase Set features three different sized designs perfectly proportioned for your curated display. Sitting proudly within any space, our ceramic vase set showcases understated confidence and organic form.

tom raffield laris wall hook, mantol planter and hanter table light
tom raffield kyru vase trio set

Helpful Storage

Make their days easier this Christmas with clever storage solutions. For avid organisers and those who like to proudly display their décor, a storage design is the perfect gift. Explore the storage pieces that deserve a spot under the Christmas tree…

housel shelf small

Housel Shelf Small - Showcase the power of small space design with a mini version of our bestselling Housel Shelf. A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical wall space for your favourite treasures.

Meru Trio Peg Rail - Diverse, welcoming, and balanced - the Meru Trio Peg Rail brings functional elegance to a wide variety of spaces. Offering clever wall storage for compact interiors, the Meru wall hook transforms hallway and bathroom spaces with ease.

tom raffield meru trio peg rail
tom raffield crib stool

Crib Stool – Use as seating or extra storage the Crib Stool's steam bent twist of sustainably sourced wood brings our signature aesthetic to the fore. Perfect in a hallway, porch, bedroom, or dining set up.

Coat Loop – Turning straight into seductive with a confident curve, our wall hook stretches and sweeps along your wall. Handcrafted from a single piece of sustainably sourced oak. An inviting resting place for outerwear.

tom raffield coat loop

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