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Lookbook: Cluster Lighting Range

27 September 2019

Our signature pendant lights, your way!

Featuring an array of customisable elements, eight of our iconic steam bent pendants shine in a whole new light. Designed to ignite your creative flair, our Cluster Lighting Range invites you to make your own mark and curate a truly unique, statement lighting piece tailored to suit your space.

Creating three slender funnels of diffused down light, the Keel Pendant - Trio Cluster brings refined beauty in its numbers.
The No.1 Pendant - Trio Cluster Small marries form and function, boasting an intense, captivating aesthetic and is sure to become a unique focal point in your space.
Elemental, geometric, sequential. A trio of Small Arame Pendants pivot and descend from a single matte white or black ceiling kit to form a swooping spectacle.
Our Urchin Pendants - pictured here in ash - contrast against this dark background.
Switched on, each Small Arame Pendant produces an energising aura of soft ambient light. Switched off, the pendants become structural, architectural pieces of art that elevate your space and captivate any audience.
Steam bent, hand twisted and assembled into a nest of infinite bends, each individual No.1 Pendant distributes a sculptural mix of light and shadow across your space, wherever you choose to position it.
Handcrafted from sustainably sourced European timber and assembled using a dry construction process by our skilled team of makers, the Skipper Pendant showcases responsible design at its very best.
Suspend each Keel Pendant at varying heights to create your own aesthetic and a visually exciting display that’s versatile as well as innovative.
Designed to ensure that the light bulb inside is completely concealed behind curving wooden petals, our Urchin Pendants create a dynamic cluster ceiling light that suits those who prefer soft, ambient light.
Available in a choice of ash or walnut wood and featuring two meters of high quality adjustable flex, the Arame Pendant Small - Trio Cluster Large can be modified to suit your and your space’s needs.

Our brand new Cluster Range gives you the chance to put your own stamp on some of our most classic designs. With our customisable, monochrome ceiling plates, you can suspend three lights at any height you want, creating a truly unique spectacle that is personal to you.

Tom Raffield, Founder
Our iconic No.1 Pendants take on a different guise when hung as part of our Pendant Cluster Trio - maximising impact and drama.
The Urchin Pendant Range - Trio Cluster Large promises to bring atmosphere in abundance.
The Skipper Pendant’s curvaceous silhouette casts bold shadows upon ceilings and walls, whilst the diffused light from each shade produces ambient task lighting perfectly suited to an open living space.
Locate in a stairwell or hallway for maximum impact or simply suspend at a lower height in a lounge or over a kitchen island to create your very own masterpiece at home.

Posted: 27.09.19
Updated: 14.09.21

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